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Complete Cycles with Mindfulness

Complete Cycles with Mindfulness

We are a few weeks away from the completion of the year 2015- It is a beautiful time to reflect, clarify and complete cycles prior to engaging into new ones. Many times we focus on the new resolutions, yet we may forget that the completion of cycles with clarity is an important step to prepare a healthy soil where to plant a…

A HARMONIOUS Healing, Transformative, mindful Journey

20 March to 20 May 2020

An Online Program offering You clear tools to navigate life transitions with compassion, clarity and confidence.

"Along the Immersion I released stress and unveiled new potentials. This online guidance supported me to integrate these potentials in a practical way in my everyday life to balance my lifestyle, relationships and also to go to the next level with a new project I am working on. Thank you Christelle." ~ Axel