5-Week Elemental Yoga

5-week in GRATITUDE

A series of 5 yoga classes focused on gratitude Sat. 14 Nov to Sat. 12 Dec. 2020

Are you ready to learn how to experience the healing energy of nature through yoga practice?

Join us for a 5-week journey including yoga practice and teachings to integrate the medicine of the 5 elements of nature for wellbeing and happiness. (dharmi-yoga)

Christelle is certified yoga therapist: C-IAYT, E-RT500 and has been teaching yoga since 2006. Her expertise is in gentle therapeutics yoga, hatha yoga, yoga based on the 5 elements for healing and alignment. Christelle also offers education programs APD (accredited by IAYT International association of yoga therapists) and YACEP (accredited by Yoga Alliance).

Contact: christellechopard@dharmi.com for more details about the other programs and/or one:one guidance.

Series of 5 classes – Yoga based on the 5 Elements – includes: 

  • Introduction to the element of the week
  • Pranayamas: breathing technique to purify the element which you can then practice during the week to balance the specific element
  • Asanas: yoga practice

Classes on Saturdays at 9AM EST

  • 14 Nov.  ☁️ Air — our breath for good health and clarity of mind in gratitude ☁️
  • 21 Nov.    🔥 Fire — our motivations, willpower and source of active energy in our body in gratitude and appreciation🔥
  • 28 Nov.  💧 Water — our digestive system, releasing obstacles in our emotions and in gratitude to our relationships 💧
  • 5 Dec. 🌱 Earth — our immune system, physical health, foundation,  in gratitude to our resources 🌱
  • 12 Dec.  🧘🏽 Ether — our space and electromagnetic field, in gratitude to all 🧘

Group classes 4-10 participants: 1 class: 20 Chf. – Series of 5 classes: 99 Chf.

online classes Saturdays at 9am


Contact us if you like more information: +1-786-301-7324.  –  info@dharmi.com

This experience is also a module 1 of initiation in our life coaching facilitator certification training.

For more information about our Yoga Teacher Training Program – click here 



Your Guides for the one:one programs and for the new year vortex immersion ..

Christelle Chopard

Master Healer + Founder of the DHARMI® Method

Giuliano Geronymo

Sound Healer + Facilitator of the DHARMI® Method