Key Elements in DHARMI YOGA®

It is a holistic approach to yoga, a subtle and nurturing practice of intention.

Offered mainly in private or semi- private classes, DHARMI YOGA® draws upon the energies of five fundamental elements, and the universal laws of alignment in the seven dimensions.

We offer Classes, Immersions and Teacher Trainings accredited by Yoga Alliance as Registered Yoga School RYS-500


DHARMI-YOGA is therapeutically oriented yoga focused on enhancing the overall wellbeing, confidence and balance of the yoga students.

Through a continuous and mindful practice, we can allow ourselves to explore and balance the physical body. Relieving stress, while rekindling the connection between thoughts, heart, emotions, body and spirit. This is a balancing and aligning of our many worlds: the physical, etheric, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

Since birth, it seems that we have been programmed to adapt to external pressures and societal expectations. We receive cues from our environment, our community, and even some well-intentioned loved ones about social norms. We are taught to act and behave in a certain way, and we eventually experience a sense of disconnection from who we truly are. Even when we enter a yoga class, we may feel a need to fulfill the instructor’s expectations, achieve the perfect posture, or try to match the abilities of others. Eventually, this gap becomes exhausting, and a significant source of stress.

The DHARMI YOGA® practice is a relief from this. With a focus on intention, we move into the five bodies. We experience breath, flow, movement, and a settling into asanas with integrity and oneness. We explore more of our authentic selves, allowing a holistic and mindful approach to practicing yoga. We find our way into the poses, much as we seek to find our way in life. We feel authentic, connected.

The five elements in the DHARMI YOGA® practice consist of Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether. These key elements are integrated into the yoga practice with intention. Click Here to watch a one-hour online instructional video.

The element of Earth represents our foundation and grounding. Through this element, we explore the experience and rooting of our physical body.

Water represents our emotions and our interpersonal relationships. We explore and experience the channeling and flow of our feelings.

With Fire, we feel energy and the pulse of life within us. In the DHARMI YOGA® practice, the element of Fire represents action, direction, and the inner fire. We tune in to the natural rhythm of our heart.

The element of Air guides the breath, giving conscious direction. Through this element, we explore the depth and rhythm of the breath, and the connection between the mind’s thoughts and intentional breathing.

Ether is our spiritual realm. This element represents truth and divine light. We make peace, we allow time for contemplation, and we experience the interconnectedness of the five bodies.

We bring awareness to any obstacles surrounding our intentions through the DHARMI YOGA® practice. These may be our core beliefs, fears, or other attachments that hold us back. By observing our breath and rhythm, we allow our bodies to organically move from a place of acceptance and consciousness. We honor where we are in the present. Never forcing, we give space to release resistance and tension. By moving in this way, the proper pranayama is reached with grace and integrity, from our authentic inner selves.

Prior to entering the DHARMI YOGA® Teacher Training, students participate in a 50-hour immersion program, allowing time for self-development and a deep personal experience of the practice.

The five part immersion is a comprehensive introduction to the DHARMI YOGA® practice.

The program consists of:

  • Part One: Air ”Philosophy, Ethics, breathing practices, asanas (yoga postures)
  • Part Two: Fire ”Motivation, persistence, direction, asanas
  • Part Three: Water “Channeling of emotion, flow, connectedness, nadis (astral energy pathways), asanas
  • Part Four: Earth ”Embodiment, structure, foundation, asanas
  • Part Five: Ether ”Alignment, integration, asanas

Through the DHARMI YOGA® practice, we create room for stillness, and the chance to celebrate our connection with the Divine. We are able to shift our perception to an experience of acceptance as we choose between fear and love. We experience open hearts, connection, and a discovery of the authentic self.

Christelle Chopard
Founder DHARMI® Institute & Yoga School RYS500

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