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The DHARMI® Method is a GPS for your life based on the five elements and ancestral wisdom for healing, self-discovery and manifestation.

Consultations take in consideration your actual point of reference and lead you towards the place you aspire to be.

We guide you through an inner journey.

It is in this moment, here, now, that we can shift our frequency. We guide you to make the leap of faith and to enter into a frequency that is in tune with your heart and all seven tonalities.

The shift of Frequency that you experience in the here – now releases attachments, wounds or disappointments from the past to unveil new opportunities for your future. In this instant we make the transition and then reprogram all five elements to support your integration, communication, relations and manifestations.

We guide you to release attachments to limiting beliefs, patterns, emotional or physical attachments. With compassion and gratitude we awaken inner potentials and offer practical tools to manifest your vision.

Consultations are offered in person and/or online.

1hr Online consultations are done on Zoom so we can show you the map along the guidance. You receive the recording of the whole experience including: coaching, meditation, coaching to support your integration. Click here to schedule 1 consultation

We highly recommend a series of 7 consultations for an integrative transition within your life.

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5 Elements Coaching

Our coaching modality is based on the 5 Elements of Nature and supports balance in all 5 Elements into your life.

We create balance between the inner ecology and our external environment:

All these aspects are interconnected. When we choose to focus on one that is priority at the moment, we open the portal to new opportunities along the journey.

The DHARMI® Method and the Maps lead you to a profound inner journey releasing stress, gaps or fragmentation that you may experience in the relationship between the five bodies.

We address the five voices within us to guarantee a sensation of fulfillment and integration.

Sometimes we may notice an interference in between our inner voices: the voice of the mind, the voice of the heart, the emotional voice and our needs. The fifth is the voice of wisdom.

Christelle Chopard developed a methodology that supports people to make symbolic transitions within their life from within.

This approach is for the leaders of change, for the people who are ready to make a leap of faith and to create a fine attunment trusting that when they are in their truth accepting their inner power, life with respond with abundance.

If you are ready to make a leap of faith and to get closer to your full potential, this approach is for You!

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7 Maps Immersion

This program offers a clear guidance to navigate life transition. Each map focuses on specific steps to lead you from where you are towards a space that can be more fulfilling, healthy and abundant.
The journey consist of 7 consultations. Each session is focused on a specific map to balance the following aspects:
– evaluation of all five elements into your life
– focus on your resources and health
– dedication to your relations and emotional wellbeing
– attention towards your heart inspirations and motivations
– clarification of your vision and direction
– integration of all aspects for your wellbeing and happiness
– integration into your lifestyle
We also offer group immersion, a 2 month program done 3x a year online:
21 June to 21 Aout
21 December to 21 Fevrier

The Maps - GPS for your life

The maps take in consideration different dimensions:

  • 5 elements within you:
    • physical, health
    • emotional
    • behavioral
    • psychological, state of mind
    • interconnection of all
  • cause-effect
    • catalyst
    • stress trigger
    • stress response mechanism
    • integrative transition
  • 5 elements directly linked to our wellbeing and balance
    • diet
    • relationships
    • motivations
    • attraction, direction
    • hope, illusions
  • 5 elements in a broader perspective directly linked to the aspects mentioned above:
    • resources and environment
    • community, influences
    • media, conditionment
    • culture
    • spirituality
  • We place these aspects into a series of maps and guide you towards wellbeing, success, balance and abundance.

The Institute

The institute is dedicated to support the people and environment.

When people tune within their own nature, they become more attentive to their wellbeing and conscious of the environment and the community.

We believe that when people believe in themselves and awaken their own true voice, it leads to more peace, leadership and compassion.

From inner awakening, people have changed their perspective and began to care more for others around them.

Our mission is to support a healthy environment balancing the ecology within and around.


The Programs

Our programs include:

  • Private consultations for healing, self-discovery and manifestation
  • Journey
  • Immersion
  • Facilitator Training

A HARMONIOUS Healing, Transformative, mindful Journey

20 March to 20 May 2020

An Online Program offering You clear tools to navigate life transitions with compassion, clarity and confidence.

"Along the Immersion I released stress and unveiled new potentials. This online guidance supported me to integrate these potentials in a practical way in my everyday life to balance my lifestyle, relationships and also to go to the next level with a new project I am working on. Thank you Christelle." ~ Axel