Mindfulness, StressManagement

We offer a clear guidance for stress release and management.

The approach is based on the DHARMI® Method to clarify the interconnection between: the catalyst and the stress that is triggered.

We bring awareness on the cause, effect and response mechanism that is usually triggered by our own subconscious core beliefs.
We take in consideration the interconnection in between the physical, emotional, behavioral and psychological aspect and how they are linked to a specific stress you may experience.

We guide you through a series of specific Maps for Mindfulness. The process supports you to direct your thoughts and to communicate your intentions with clarity.

Through a clear guidance, people access subconscious core beliefs and receive tools to shift their perspective.
The reprogramming is taking place in a mindful and intentional way.

We honor healthy values along the process to support a harmonious and integrative transformation.

We take in consideration all the five elements to support your evolution. This process requires your full dedication and commitment to yourself. It is from within us that we manifest a transition and influence also others around us.

Each session leads you through a journey of awakening, healing and transformation. You receive a recording of the video consultation and practical tools to support the integration in your everyday life.

If you experience any of those turbulences in your mind, we are here to help:
- Overthinking causing insomnia
- Anxiety
- Self-sabotage with hurtful, limiting thoughts (core beliefs)
- Victim of verbal abuse
- Difficulty to make decisions
- Difficulty to focus and clarify your mind
- Difficulty to priorities and organize your thoughts
- Difficulty to focus
- Distracted mind


Rita H.

Rita H.,

I became more mindful of my thoughts. I notice how my perspective can change the way I feel, behave and experience life.

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