5 Elements Aromatherapy

5 Elements SPRAY

Box of 5 Elements in Spray (30ml) Aromatic sprays are pocket diffusers or room fragrances, gas-free, chemical-free. Organic Essential Oils 18% plus organic alcohol a few sprays throughout the day in the air are enough to enchant and purify the ambient air

5 Elements BBS: use internally and in friction

Box of the Five Elements Aromatherapy (10ml)

Aromas and scents have a major impact on our well-being and in our state of mind.

In the DHARMI® method, we integrate aromatherapy to promote transcendence, balance and connection during meditations and transition processes. These organic essential oil products support your well-being and balance.

Christelle Chopard co-created this line of products with Nelly Grosjean, aromatherapy expert, in order to develop mixtures that support the balance of the 5 elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether.

5 Elements travel kit aromatherapy

We offer also a travel kit with the five elements essential oils.

5x: 2ml roll-on

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A HARMONIOUS Healing, Transformative, mindful Journey

20 March to 20 May 2020

An Online Program offering You clear tools to navigate life transitions with compassion, clarity and confidence.

"Along the Immersion I released stress and unveiled new potentials. This online guidance supported me to integrate these potentials in a practical way in my everyday life to balance my lifestyle, relationships and also to go to the next level with a new project I am working on. Thank you Christelle." ~ Axel