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Key Elements to nurture a healthy self-esteem

Key Elements to nurture a healthy self-esteem

In the previous blog you received key elements to support your wellbeing (earth), and relationships (water). This month we will explore elements to nurture your self-esteem (fire). Is the ego really something negative? Maybe we do have a negative, and a positive ego. I consider that we still need to have a healthy ego, in order to fulfill our visions,…

Key elements to nurture healthy relationships

Last month we focused on nurturing a healthy lifestyle, giving space for a healthy ground and foundation. Today, I invite you to consider the different aspects of your relationships. The relationship with yourself includes: with your thoughts and the air you breathe, your inspirations and feelings, your emotions, your body, AND your path. The relationship with your surroundings includes: with…

Key elements for a healthy LifeStyle

Whether at home, in your daily routine, or in the office, a holistic and integrated approach to your life is possible. The key is proper organization and discipline, with enough flexibility to allow you to grow. Certain elements are essential for balancing your wellbeing. When your lifestyle is out of balance, you will receive signs that manifest physically, and emotionally.…

A HARMONIOUS Healing, Transformative, mindful Journey

20 March to 20 May 2020

An Online Program offering You clear tools to navigate life transitions with compassion, clarity and confidence.

"Along the Immersion I released stress and unveiled new potentials. This online guidance supported me to integrate these potentials in a practical way in my everyday life to balance my lifestyle, relationships and also to go to the next level with a new project I am working on. Thank you Christelle." ~ Axel