A trilogy presenting the three pathways of the DHARMI® Method, GPS for Your Life, is published on Amazon:

With a version in French: 





Products, such as postcards, essential oils of the five elements, necklace with the DHARMI-GPS Symbol, …  are available online click here.

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“This book is beautifully written. The author, Christelle Chopard, expresses her wisdom after decades of travel and spiritual learning. I love navigating through the pages and picking up the practical aspects that I can implement in my daily life.”
– J. Miller

“J’ai lu et beaucoup apprécié le livre que vous avez écrit! J’ai applique les différentes étapes pour ma vie personnelle et cela m’a permis de voir plus clair, de réaliser certaines croyances que j’ai, comment  je “fonctionne” etc. Simple, logique et profond!”
– S.Z.