The headquarter is located in Miami, Florida USA. Where we offer consultations, classes and seminars.
You can access our online programs, books and podcasts from wherever you are.  You can hire our services to have a team member come at your location.
We also have a succursale in Montreux, Switzerland.


Consultants are located in

Facilitators are located in:

  • Florida
  • Switzerland
  • Australia

Christelle Chopard, founder, mentor, author and speaker is based in Florida. She offers online consultations and travels regularly to Europe, South America and other locations to lead retreats, and seminars.


If you like to support others in their development. You can become a licensed DHARMI® Consultant, Facilitator or Mentor.

Here are the different levels that we offer:

Growing one step at a time, with the support of a training online or in person, manuals, experiences, and reports to complete for evaluation.

We offer a training that teaches you to walk the path, and support other people on theirs. You will learn to comprehend and apply the holistic  programs, based on the Five Elements, and DHARMI® Method.

Code of Ethics