Become a Licensed DHARMI® Holistic Consultant

You will learn clear tools to support the people to navigate life transitions, manage stress and access their full potential_ Building up confidence and finding clarity to fulfill their visions and inspirations.

You will study and master the DHARMI Method to provide consultations, lead conferences and seminars using the GPS to navigate life transitions_ based on the Five Elements and Holistic Lifestyle.

The training includes:

  • Three books and line of products aligned with the concept for clear integration
  • 3-Month Signature Program
  • Online manual
  • Live online consultations, training and evaluations with your mentor
  • Internship and practices to develop your skills and master the DHARMI Method, GPS for your life and Maps for holistic healing, self-development and stress management
  • Development of the skills to excell as Consultant for one-on-one consultations in person, online, as well as Speaker for conferences and seminars
  • Evaluation and exam
  • License to practice as LDC or LDF Depending of the option you chose

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