Health Coaching

Health Coaching

We offer an integrative approach for wellbeing and good health.

Researches have shown that 80% of our ailments, illnesses and imbalances are related to stress. We offer a clear guidance using the Maps (DHARMI® Method) for healing as well as how to transform unhealthy patterns into healthy habits.

The stress may come from different sources such as:
- environment
- nutrition
- lifestyle
- relationships
- work
- ...

5 Elements for Good Health in a holistic way:

- A healthy diet and lifestyle

- A strong foundation in our resources (time, space, assets, ...)

- A healthy relationship with our body

- A sense of belonging

- A harmonious integration with our environment and nature

A consultation takes 60min and includes:
* questions, coaching and integration of your answers into the map
* creation of the map in which the facilitator creates and show you the interconnection in between the five bodies
* meditation for transcendence
* awakening of a potential - inner medicine -
* tools for reprogrammation and integration

We highly recommend a series of 7 consultations done in a two-months period to complete a cycle with integrity.

Some health symptoms that have been released in one session or in a series of 7:
- Healing PTSD
- Transforming eating habits and balancing weight
- Healing chronic symptoms (back pain, headache, UTI, ..)
- Pinched nerve in the neck or other back issue (in collaboration with therapist/doctor)
- Knee pain
- Water retention
- Insomnia
- ..


Hungry ghost, emotional eating,

For many years, I was trying diets to loose weight. Though it was not helping. Sometimes I could loose weight but then it was coming back fast. When I received coaching based on the DHARMI Method we could recognize all five elements: the behavioral pattern related to the food, the emotional response mechanism, the core belief behind it and the physical sensation I was addicted to. It an unhealthy pattern that came from emotional attachment. After the clarification and transcendence, we reprogrammed the co-relation in between the five bodies and I was not experiencing the same cravings anymore. I lost weight and reached a stable healthy lifestyle without the need of any diet. I became more attentive to my needs and to what was procuring a sense of physical, emotional wellbeing.
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PTSD after surgery,

After a knee surgery I was still experiencing PTSD. My left leg was not responding as well as the right. It was a pain-body response mechanism that caused a resistance in the response of my leg. The pain is not anymore present, yet the memory of it keep affecting the connection. Through a DHARMI Method session, we addressed the emotion, the core belief and the pattern that are directly linked to the knee. After the release, we reprogrammed the co-relation in between the five bodies and I could return to my exercise routine and to do some outdoor sports activities with confidence.

Jaya Kader,

I initiated the process to first find balance in my personal life and health. Along the journey I noticed the co-relation with other aspects of my life. My career was not inspiring me as much anymore. With the integration of the 5 elements in my office and life, a clear purpose awakened. I am now inspired and follow a mission that bridges my gift, my expertise as an architect and my mission.

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