Relationships, Emotional Intelligence

Relationships can be very stressful at times.

Emotional Intelligence is a potential that we can develop by being more mindful of our emotions, relationships, interactions and thoughts process. We then tune in our intention, align with the sensation of it, reflect and project it in our everyday life.

When we are stressed it becomes challenging to manage our emotions and relationships.

In many circumstances we try to repress emotions in order to save relationships until we discover that it may lead to the opposite outcome. Emotions are directly linked with the enteric nervous system and influence highly our way of thinking, our reactions and level of stress.

Learning to channel our emotions is fundamental for stress management and to support healthy relationships. The emotional intelligence is a skill that we can develop with intuition, clarity and dedication.

In the Dharmic Guidance we take in consideration the different level of relationships: with your family, your friends, social and cultural surroundings, community and environment.

We offer guidance for stress management in business relationships, may it be with your co-workers, business partners, boss or employees.

Conflict or the sensation of being stuck in a relationship is one of the main causes of stress. It is an opportunity to listen to your emotional body. Observe the ways you respond, relate, and channel your emotions.

We believe that every emotion exists for a reason. We do not think about emotions as good/bad, or positive/negative. Emotions are directly linked to your vital energy. What make them positive or negative are your personal perspectives and the way you approach them.

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