Life & Spiritual Coaching

Our life and spiritual coaching is based on intention.

We support you to awaken your gifts and to walk your path with confidence and pure connection.

You receive guidance to awaken your inner gifts and to clarify ways to use them along your journey.

You develop the skills to navigate life transitions and to channel your emotions in a creative way.
You learn to manage your time and health with clear intention.
We provide tools for you to direct your thoughts and communication with mindfulness.
An integrative journey for self- and spiritual-development.

If you seek a purpose and would like to live with harmony, joy and abundance, we are here to support you.

If you experience obstacles along your journey or duality that inhibit you to find contentment and fulfillment, we will guide you through the maps to find your answers and to access clarity.

A consultation takes 60min and includes:
* questions, coaching and integration of your answers into the map
* creation of the map in which the facilitator creates and show you the interconnection in between the five bodies
* meditation for transcendence
* awakening of a potential - inner medicine -
* tools for reprogrammation and integration

We highly recommend a series of 7 consultations done in a two-months period to complete a cycle with integrity.


I found peace in the mouvement,

“I began My 1st Elemental Journey right after Hurricane Irma turned my world upside down in 2017. Accessing the Vortex of energy through The Elemental Meditation Spoke to Me on All Levels. I was So Very Out of Balance. I found Peace in the Movement’s, Balance in Intuitive Sparks of Light and I’ve learned that My Roots are Far Deeper than I Knew.

I’m about to Embark on My 3rd Journey and I’m Excited to Meet the Tribe Members That Will Join Together, Trust Walking and Whom Share A Fresh View, New Perspective and Trust in More that What We’ve Learned So Far.” Natalie Smith, Realestate broker Florida Keys

Aura Reyes, Facilitator,

“- I’m so happy with this practice, I could feel myself just connected to everything and it was majorly thanks to our meditation before and connection.
– I feel so empowered to continue my learning and absorbing the knowledge of everything around me and within me.
– I felt the trees, the water, the air and the fire inside of me and flowing with me as I gave the practice.
– I felt a smile inside and a voice telling me “ keep shining” and is your voice Christelle, thank you for this opportunity and for believing in me and showing me I could believe in me too.
-All the participants shared their insights at the completion of their experiences. One of them felt a physical release from a tension that he had felt for a few days already. It is inspiring to notice how this practice releases stress at all levels in a harmonious way.” Aura Reyes


Giuliano initiated his journey after he found a flyer with the curriculum of offerings. All the themes treated in the Dharmi Facilitator Training were inspiring him. Along the process, he found a deeper connection within and awakened his gifts and mission.

He moved from Florida to live in Hawaii. As a young entrepreneur he is now offering dharmic guidance  at the healing resort Lumeria, as well as online guidance. He is talented in channeling light through sound healing, the artist within him is awakened as he create music, mandalas and other forms of art therapy.

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