Career Coaching, Self-Confidence, Leadership

We offer guidance to help you clarify your motivations, talents and motivations.

We support you to awaken your fire and to take leadership towards your goals.

The DHARMI® Maps lead you to unleash your potential and to manifest your inspirations.

Do you want to clarify your mission and to manifest your dreams with grace and abundance?

The consultations are online with expert and founder Christelle Chopard. Each video session is recorded to support your integration.

If you experience any of those, we are here to help:
- easily distracted and finding excuses that inhibit you to move towards your heart's calling
- procrastination
- lack of motivation
- overdo, passionate in a way that could become counterproductive
- seek direction to clarify your talents and motivations
- burnout
- ..

A consultation takes 60min and includes:
* questions, coaching and integration of your answers into the map
* creation of the map in which the facilitator creates and show you the interconnection in between the five bodies
* meditation for transcendence
* awakening of a potential - inner medicine -
* tools for reprogrammation and integration

We highly recommend a series of 7 consultations done in a two-months period to complete a cycle with integrity.


Are you seeking a career that is aligned with your mission, intention and main gifts? Learn to take leadership from your heart and to manifest your dreams.

A HARMONIOUS Healing, Transformative, mindful Journey

20 March to 20 May 2020

An Online Program offering You clear tools to navigate life transitions with compassion, clarity and confidence.

"Along the Immersion I released stress and unveiled new potentials. This online guidance supported me to integrate these potentials in a practical way in my everyday life to balance my lifestyle, relationships and also to go to the next level with a new project I am working on. Thank you Christelle." ~ Axel