The Five Elements are Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether.

These forces complement each others. We experience stress when there is conflict, excess or lack in one or more of those elements in our personal or professional life. As we connect with the different properties of these forces, we can explore how to use each element as a fuel for personal realization and expression.

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The DHARMI® Method is based on Natural Principles such as the Five Elements, the Seasons, the Cardinal Points for orientation, the Seven Frequencies and the Moon Cycles. All process of evolution are inspired by nature’s creation, which we apply in our own personal and professional universe.

We are all little planets interconnected, influencing each others, moving together in the rhythm of the great drum. We are all particles of this great universe.

The dharmic teachings and guidance support you to transcend karmic aspects into your life while honoring the human experience and the world we live in.

Moving through transitions requires dedication and attention to all aspects for a harmonious evolution.

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Our own thoughts affect our community, our surroundings and our wellbeing. Such as the wind, even invisible, can be of great force influencing the environment.

Our behaviors and actions lead towards changes in life circumstances. Such as the sun and rhythms along the nature.

The way we channel our emotions influences our relationships. Such as the currents on the ocean and the drops of water..

When we care for our wellbeing and Manifesting our inspirations and caring for our wellbeing such as the environment. Nurturing the earth supports balance and prosperity.

The intention is the spark that gives us hope and faith along the journey.

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Air element – mindfulness

In this element we take in consideration the psychological aspect, our mind and life perspective.

We observe the level of focus, concentration, memory as well as potentials to open the mind with clarity.

In this level we observe if there are core beliefs or verbal abuse that may cause traumas affecting your wellbeing.

In the air element we consider the Breath, the skin and Mindfulness.

Fire element – leadership

In the element of fire we observe your motivations, sense of purpose, dedication and leadership.
Nurturing a healthy self-esteem is an important aspect to find motivation, and develop leadership skills. The spark in life is uplifting, it brings warmth within and all around us. Learning to direct our fire with intention requires attention, and care. It is like developing a new muscle.
We provide tools to develop a healthy self-esteem, and find the courage to shine.

Water Element – Emotional intelligence – Relationships

All emotions have their reason to be. We don’t consider that there are negative or positive emotions. It is the way we relate with them, the way we channel them that transforms them into negative or positive.
Emotional intelligence is a fundamental aspects to take in consideration in our relationships.
We help you heal your emotional body. We share with you tools to support you to deal with your emotions, with compassion, acceptance and clarity.

Earth element – healthy lifestyle – prosperity

Time and resource management is fundamental for prosperity and to provide a clear framework.
A high percentage of illnesses or ailments are directly related to stress. May it be emotional, professional or cultural stress; they all affect our physical healthy and wellbeing.
Respecting healthy boundaries helps you prosper, and grow. We provide tools to organize a discipline that will bring balance, and support the manifestation of your intention.

Ether – Presence, Meditation

The element ether brings all the aspects together. It is directly linked with the spirit, the energy and the sense of wholeness.

Meditation supports us to access a space of clarity from which we can manage stressful situations with more compassion and positive intention.