The DHARMI® Institute of holistic self and professional development and yoga is located in Edgewater East, 601 NE 23rd Street, Miami, FL, 33137

To schedule a consultation, seminar, class or meeting: Contact us or by phone: +1-786-529-5588

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Mentor, Facilitators, and Teachers:

Christelle Chopard founder of the Map, Mentor, and E-RYT500, offers private consultation for holistic self-development, healing, meditation, and yoga. She guides you through the map to support your wellbeing, clarity, and confidence.

Giuliano Geronymo offers seminars on Mandala based on the Map. He is a Dharmi Holistic Consultant (DHCC), Facilitator of the Vortex of Energy Meditations and offers Dharmi-Yoga Classes (RYT-200).

Megan Murphy is a Facilitator of the Vortex of Energy meditation, and Dharmi-Yoga teacher (RYT-200).