The DHARMI® Institute of holistic self and professional development and stress management headquarters is located in Edgewater East, 601 NE 23rd Street, Miami, FL, 33137

Consultations, classes and meetings by appointment only:  Click here to contact us or by phone: +1-786-529-5588



Mentor, Founder:

Christelle Chopard founder of the Methodology, Mentor, Author, Holistic Consultant, C-IAYT and President of Life Creation Inc. dba DHARMI® Institute. She offers private consultations for holistic self-development, healing, meditation, and yoga therapy. She guides you to access wellbeing, balance, clarity and confidence. She also offers trainings and licensing programs in Florida, California, Costa Rica, Switzerland and other locations.

Other practitioners in the area:

Giuliano Geronymo offers seminars on Mandala based on the Five Elements. He is a DHARMI Holistic Consultant (DHCC) and -Yoga teacher (RYT-200), Facilitator of the Vortex of Energy Meditations.

Megan Murphy is a Facilitator of the Vortex of Energy meditation, and Dharmi-Yoga teacher (RYT-200).