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    • 28-Day VoE Cycle begin 3 July 2018
      Many people are experiencing transitions in this beginning of Summer.We are joining our energies to support each other's intentions with a 28-day VoE Meditation cycle.We are beginning 3rd of July with VoE clearing form. The peak of the Waning Moon is on Friday  6th of July.On 10 July we will move towards the renewal VoE Form. The peak of the New Moon is on 13 July.On 16 July we initiate the expansion VoE form. Waxing Moon is on 19 July.On 24 July we enter in the integration VoE form. Full Moon is on 27 July.Remember that the position of the dharmic elements in Summer (northern hemisphere) are:Center, within and all around: Ether ElementEast: Fire ElementSouth: Water ElementWest: Earth ElementNorth: Air ElementI highly recommend you to choose One Intention for the whole cycle and to move through the different steps, maps along your dharmic journey with compassion and flow honoring the moon cycles and nature's principles.Feel free to communicate directly in this blog if you have any questions or insights you like to share. You can also contact me personally if you wish.I am looking forward to sharing this experience and to stay in connection with you all along the journey.Kindly,Christelle ~ Amarun
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    • Winter Time
      Dear,We enter in winter time with the completion of cycles of the year. It has been a blessing to guide some of you and many other people through a cycle of completion revisiting each month with clarity. Observing what is time to let go and empowering what we have gained as qualities, awakenings, connections.Releasing karmic cycles and moving towards the manifestation of more dharmic aspects along your journey.The directions in the northern hemisphere during winter time are:
      • east: the earth element
      • south: the air element
      • west: the fire element
      • north: the water element
      • within above below and all around: ether
      I wish you all a beautiful and inspiring transition into the new year.Contact me if you like to organize a private consultation to navigate through this transition with more clarity and direction in your intention.Click here to read the article "Unwrapping your inner gifts through the holidays" Warmly,Christelle Chopard 
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