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    Sweet tribe members,

    It is beautiful to practice the Vortex of Energy daily, while being all in connection in our own space, time and energy.

    Our environment and community is affected by diverse influences that interfere the flow of the energy. As I move from place to place and practice the VoE Meditation along the journey _ I notice how we all uplift the vibration of our planet by strengthening and empowering vortexes of energy with positive intention.

    It is a blessing to nurture positive energy wherever we are and to support each other’s intentions with compassion and clarity.

    On Tuesday 24th of July we begin the VoE Meditation FullMoon form, to build up the frequency to experience it’s peak on Friday 27th.

    Here is the link to the video online as a reminder of the form:

    I wish you all a blissful experience daily and celebration on Friday.

    Balancing from above, below, within and all around_
    Facing the east with clear purpose and compassion in yourself and others
    Facing south to nurture healthy relationships and channel your emotions with intention
    Facing west to ground yourself and manifest your intention in tune with your environment and with prosperity
    Facing north for clear direction and vision
    Aligning all the elements and then creating a harmonious sealing/protection of your field to radiate the light with charisma.

    Shine bright dear ones 🙂
    Christelle ~ Amarun

    It is


    It has been a blessing to do the Vortex of Energy Meditation at the Full Moon in Chateau de l’Epinay with the director of the healing hotel.
    We were in a little cave half a mile in front of the castle. The experience has been insightful and enlightening.
    Afterwards, we could see the whole lunar eclipse, visualizing the profound transition they are passing through in restructuring the direction of their vision.
    So much peaceful nature surrounds this beautiful place and the moon reflected on the lakes and trees and fields.
    I hope you all had a beautiful experience with the FullMoon.
    We are all moving together in a harmonious dharmic journey.
    Keep shining
    Christelle ~ Amarun

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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