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    It is a blessing to practice the Vortex of Energy Meditation together every day. We are all in connection supporting each others intentions with harmony and mindfulness.
    I hope you had insightful dharmic experiences so far and invite you to initiate the Vortex of Energy meditation New Moon Form on July 10th.
    The first 3 days are to open the energy to be clearly aligned for the “awakening” “renewal” frequency on the day of the New Moon July 13th.

    It is a time to clarify the alignement to plant a seed of […your intention …] with compassion, clarity and confidence.

    The VoE New Moon Form is like the FullMoon form (click here to view the video) but in the counterclockwise direction.

    The cardinal points are:
    – Within above below and all around the Ether for interconnectedness
    – East the Fire Element in clarification of purpose, leadership into your life
    – North the Air Element for clear mind, focus, perspective and direction.
    – West the Earth Element for manifestation, structure and organization.
    – South the Water Element nurturing healthy relationships, being in tune and clarity with the emotional intelligence.

    If you do have any questions in regards to the form or the clarification in the mapping process along your dharmic journey, feel free to contact me personally or also to write any observations below in the comments.

    I wish you all a harmonious practice and clarity, abundance, along your journey.

    Peace & Inspiration from Switzerland

    Christelle ~ Amarun

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