We offer integrative guidance and support to people worldwide with excellence. Christelle Chopard initiated her career in holistic therapies, consulting in Switzerland in 1993. Since then she has guided and trained people worldwide.

A Dharmic Journey is a simple and natural way to attract abundance into your life.

The methodology and programs are based on the principles of Nature and the Five Elements for healing, transformation and self-development.  

Would you like to support your people and community to heal physical or emotional wounds, feel more energy and vitality, and be more in tune with your surroundings?  What about experiencing harmonious interpersonal relationships?  Or perhaps you would to like to support them to direct their mind with focus and clarity and establish a strong foundation in their home/work life and environment.

Are you curious to learn more about yourself and the limitless potential available to you_ and to share this experience with your community?

We offer three programs.  Follow each link for more information:


New to the DHARMI Method?

This initiation will first assess your point of reference in the physical and mental realms before going deeper into the space of addressing any ailment, conflict and stress you may be experiencing. Your cycle of evolution is completed with a meditation to balance your frequency that is directly related to the law of attraction.


This DHARMI-YOGA Immersion is for everyone and includes continuing education for yoga teachers (YACEP)

Balance the five bodies through yoga and philosophy. If you feel any conflict between the voice of your heart and the voice of your mind, or you are feeling a lack of motivation, this program will support you with directing those forces with positive intention. In addition, you will learn more about yourself through holistic foot analysis and receive tools for balance and evolution along your journey


This is a DHARMI immersion is for select individuals who are ready to embrace an in-depth self-discovery process and address confusion, hyper sensitivity, stress and inner conflict. You will follow your own rhythm in your yoga practice to acknowledge and balance the five bodies: psychological, energetic, emotional, and physical and spiritual. Each day is dedicated to a specific element based on nature’s principles. You will receive tools that you can integrate in your daily life to follow your path with grace, compassion and confidence.

Key benefits of all programs

  • Stress release and management
  • Detox and Clarity
  • Well-being and mindfulness
  • Self-development with compassion and leadership

Each programs includes

  • Teachings based on the Five Elements, Yoga philosophy and DHARMIc Teachings
  • Guidance for introspection and evolution
  • Yoga practice
  • Meditation
  • Use of aromatherapy with the integration of the five elements DHARMI blends to support the experience

Sometimes we are not aware of the stress that is affecting our lives and impacting our health. This is a wonderful opportunity to journey inwards with Christelle applying the DHARMI Method as a GPS to navigate life transitions, support your wellbeing and bring holistic mindfulness front and center in your life!

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The services are provided by Founder Christelle Chopard
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