This profound meditation requires a time for introspection, and self-practice through an Immersion, prior to enter in the Facilitator Training.

A 3-Month Immersion

This immersion gives you tools and guidance to learn the four main forms in the Vortex of Energy Meditation, and to have a basic understanding of the DHARMI Maps.

After a personal experience and integration, as well as a clear understanding and mastery of the Vortex of Energy Meditation, you can begin the Facilitator Training. Click here for more information

DHARMI® Facilitator Training

After completion of the Immersion, you will receive teachings, and guidance to learn how to lead people through this insightful Vortex of Energy Meditation practice.

This training includes some of the fundamental aspects in this meditation: study of the 7 frequencies, ethics, key elements for conscious communication, practice with others to prepare a report, sacred geometry, pranayamas, bandhas, dantien, qigong.

The training includes also internship to develop more confidence as a Facilitator. You receive support and evaluation through the process.

At the completion, you can be certified or get the license with the support for marketing, communication and to setup a successful professional practice.

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Where are the teachings & practices taught?

Headquarter: DHARMI Institute, 601 NE 23rd Street, Miami, FL, 33137

Programs are offered at distance through a specific support system one-on-one online, in person, with books, manuals and products.