We invite you to learn how to channel your emotions creatively and to unveil your authentic nature with compassion, clarity and confidence.

We offer a unique holistic experience based on the Five Elements of nature, yoga philosophy and the law of attraction.

A 4-Hour integrative experience for healing and self-development.

New to the DHARMI Method?

This initiation first assess your point of reference in the physical and mental realms with a Dharmi-Yoga Practice.

Then, you will be guided through the GPS for your life, to Map Your Journey and explore deeper into the space of addressing any ailment, emotional stress or gap you may be experiencing at the time. 

Your cycle of evolution is completed with a Vortex of Energy Meditation to balance your frequency that is directly related to the law of attraction.


  • Release physical and emotional stress through yoga practice
  • Clarify your mind through a dharmic journey, GPS for your life
  • Integration and Alignement of your inspiration and vision in a dharmic integrative way
  • Balance in all five bodies and five elements.
  • Clear alignment for the Law of Attraction to manifest.

If you like to join a program or to host one, contact us following this link.