Life Coaching

In times of transition resilience is key while remaining true to ourselves.
We need a healthy base, resources, sense of security, and nutrition to remain sane, healthy and with vitality. (earth element) The water and fluids nurtures and facilitates growth which is represented in our emotional potential and intelligence.
The fire element is reflected in our willpower, self-esteem, and sense of determination. We find it in our solar plexus and strengthen it by taking leadership in our lives. Breath and clarity of mind gives us a sense of direction like the wind clearing the sky. (air element).
Our coaching modality is based on all five elements of nature to facilitate a harmonious journey to self-realization, peace and happiness.
The one:one coaching sessions are available online and offer a clear guidance based on your own needs, challenges of the moment and inspirations.
A consultation includes:
    • evaluation of your position (health, emotional, psychological, willpower, connection)
    • clarification of any obstacle or gap that inhibit your wellbeing and sense of realization
    • release of the obstacle and transcendence through meditation
    • tools to implement a new perspective and approach in your relationship, routine and communication. 
A first session will help clear the path to initiate a mindful transition along your journey to wellbeing – click here for a first life introduction – .
The DHARMI® Method is a simple and natural way to manage stress, to access your true nature and to attract abundance into your life.

“A Buddhist proverb says it so well: When the student is ready, the teacher appears. This is precisely what happened when I first met Christelle. It’s all about timing. When I consider how far I have come since the first immersion, I only feel gratitude for all that the Dharmi® method has allowed me to discover in myself and around me. It is a captivating and demanding journey, which I look forward to continuing with Christelle. My life has changed from the inside out and this experience is fundamental. My feet anchor me to mother earth, my head connects me to the beyond, the 4 elements surround me, protect me and strengthen me.” Isabelle Wolflisberg, translator and artist

Click here to schedule to schedule a first free live evaluation with one of our certified coach/facilitator 

This 15min orientation will help clarify which program will suit you best, and how.

Contact us for clarification:  +1-786-301-7324. –


“My Truer self has awakened along the journey, in all aspects. So many emotions flowing, awakening of the person I am that was a little dormant. I feel more confident and take leadership towards things that kept coming. I learned to deal with relations in a more healthy and nurturing way. It is beautiful how all things are falling into place. I want to keep learning further and continue to improve myself in this mindful inspiring direction.” Lynda Greig, art collector and philanthropist 


Guidance to Navigate Life Transitions

This 60min online consultation of Dharmic Guidance (coaching, healing and meditation) supports you to move through life changes with compassion, clarity and confidence.

Series of 7 consultations – Click Here for schedule


Holistic Stress Management

Stress is the cause of 82% of ailments, insomnias, depression, conflicts at work or in your relationships.

We offer you guidance to manage stressful situations and conditions with clarity, compassion and confidence.

Whether you experience physical symptoms, traumas, PTSD, difficult relationships (personal or professional), lack of motivation, addictions, distractions, burnout, … Receive support to manage stress in a holistic, integrative way, while honoring healthy values. The principles are based on positive intention.

Series of 7 consultations highly recommended – click here – 


Creative Cycle from Vision to Manifestation

This series of seven maps offers you clear tools and guidance from clarification of your intention, vision, to visualization honoring all fundamental aspects to setup your vision, to align your actions in the proper direction and vibration.

A simple and natural way to access your true nature, to manifest your inspirations and to attract abundance into your life!

The method is based on natural laws of creation, visualization and meditation, force of attraction and leadership skills aligned with your true gifts.

Series of 7 Clear Steps based on nature’s creative cycle for self- and professional-development


We offer private consultations and guidance:

A Dharmic Journey, based on the DHARMI® Method, guides you to release attachments, expectations, stress, traumas (Karma) and to unveil your gifts with intention, walking a path of truthfulness, abundance, compassion (Dharma).

In a Dharmic Guidance we take in consideration three main aspects:
– Your location and the environment, circumstances you live in
– The timing and life cycles
– Your perspective, health, talents and frequency
What is the map?
During your consultation Christelle organise your insights and responses into a structured way to facilitate your understanding and integration. This map is based on ancestral wisdom and the five elements to support the reprogramming of our mind, body and behaviors to enhance our wellbeing, vitality and abundance.


If you are new to the DHARMI® Method, we offer a complimentary 15-minute orientation session with one of our Licensed Holistic Consultants to clarify how this holistic integrative approach can support you on the transitions you are experiencing at the moment. This experience is facilitated online using WhatsApp, FaceTime or Skype. If you don’t use any of these forms of internet conferencing we can also schedule a session by phone. This first evaluation will be to clarify your actual reference point and where you would like to be. After this consultation, you will receive suggestions of which program will suit you best and how you can benefit from it. If you would like to know more about our programs and licensing opportunities, please contact us the same way to schedule a call with a representative.

Click here to contact us – please send us 3 options of days/times (EST) that would be convenient for your first free orientation

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