This holistic integrative coaching methodology supports healing, self-discovery and connectedness. The License provides you with the opportunity to deliver personalized attention and guidance based on the DHARMI Method – GPS for your life.

Here are qualifications that you receive from this program:

  • Coaching sessions online and in person
  • Guidance to navigate life transitions in all aspects mentioned here
  • Vortex of Energy Meditation
  • DHARMI Meditation
  • Process of integration and holistic approach for wellbeing
  • Guidance of a DHARMI Journey

Christelle Chopard is a pioneer in holistic coaching, therapies and integrative programs to navigate life transitions with harmony and mindfulness. She is a published author, entrepreneur, healer and an expert in holistic stress management. With 27 years of experience in the holistic healing coaching field, practicing on six continents, she founded the DHARMI Method – GPS for your life.

Government requirements for consultants, life coach, .. vary internationally. If you are interested in guiding people through a Dharmic Journey based on the DHARMI Method professionally, you should first establish a good understanding of industry regulations in your region. For instance, in some European countries, the government requires Facilitators to hold either a government regulated license or academic degree in a life coaching, consulting or therapy related field, in addition to their Dharmi Method Facilitator certification. It is the student’s responsibility to understand the regulations specific to the region they intend to teach in, and to meet the industry requirements established by the governing bodies of that region.

As a facilitator, you will receive the skills and techniques required to successfully provide Holistic and Mindful guidance to support healing, self-development and connectedness to the people.

The license offers you tools to promote your business, monthly coaching to lead you to succeed in manifesting your goals and visions with positive intention. 

An effective way to promote healthy, balanced, purposeful, and mindful lifestyles.

Once you have completed the required training program, you will receive your certification and can opt for the License with the following benefits:

  • Be part of the growing team of DHARMI® Method Facilitators
  • Rights to use of logo, copyrighted symbols and branded materials
  • Mentorship support
  • Monthly coaching
  • Continuing Education
  • Wholesale pricing on products to support the people along their journey and add value to your programs

Join the growing number of licensed DHARMI Method Facilitators who are helping others, and living a healthy abundant lifestyle running their own practices.

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Christelle Chopard, founder, facilitator and healer offers dharmic guidance in Florida, Europe, South America, Hawaii and other locations.