For Integrative and Mindfulness Programs at Eco-Resorts, Spas, Healing and Retreat Centers.

Providing holistic and mindfulness programs are becoming more of a priority in today’s world as travelers seek ways to reduce the high level of daily stress they experience on the physical, emotional, professional and social level.

We facilitate onsite integrative training programs of the DHARMI® Methodology at your location, with licensing and continuing education that enables you to support your guests with a healthy, active and balanced experience that they can take back with them to their day-to-day life. This personalized service for your guests, assists them with navigating life transitions with mindfulness and ease, providing new levels of confidence.

DHARMI Method programs are a perfect complement to any treatments, including yoga or meditation and our continuing education ensures excellence in the wellness services that you, our client provide. Our programs are based on the Five Elements in nature, which takes into consideration:

  • Mindfulness
  • Confidence
  • Emotional balance
  • Physical health & wellness
  • Integrity

This holistic coaching method supports the integration of life experiences with a clear orientation forward on a person’s life path. It provides you with the opportunity to deliver personalized attention and guidance based on the DHARMI Method – GPS for your life. It adds value to your services, as well as additional complementary services that integrate into your existing services:

  • Coaching sessions online and in person
  • Guidance to navigate life transitions in all aspects mentioned here
  • Vortex of Energy Meditation
  • DHARMI Meditation
  • Process of integration and holistic approach for wellbeing
  • DHARMI Journey (weekend, weeklong, moon cycle long)

Christelle Chopard is a pioneer in holistic coaching, therapies and integrative programs to navigate life transitions with harmony and mindfulness. She is a published author, entrepreneur, healer and an expert in holistic stress management. With 25 years of experience in the holistic healing coaching field, practicing on six continents, she founded the DHARMI Method – GPS for your life.

We offer licenses to resorts, spas, healing and retreat centers as well as to individuals, which complements and enhances the value of your programs with exclusive and personalized attention for wellbeing and mindfulness.

Licensing includes:

  • Onsite and online training of your team
  • Monthly online evaluation and support
  • Continuous education for quality and alignment of services
  • Supporting products aligned with the methodology for clear integration and support to your guests and/or clients
  • Wholesale pricing of DHARMI products
  • Communication tools
  • Rights to offer DHARMI services, programs and products

We invite you to contact us to evaluate how the “DHARMI® Method – GPS for your life” will best suit your guests’ needs for wellbeing and mindfulness, and seamlessly integrate into your program offering adding value and personalized holistic services.

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Consultants and Facilitators:

Christelle Chopard, founder, facilitator and healer offers dharmic guidance in Florida, Europe, South America, Hawaii and other locations.