Lunar Cycle Immersion

Based on the 5 elements

Daily & full moon cycle coaching over 1 month

The daily practices facilitate balance between the inner ecology and our external environment, which are all interconnected. When we choose to focus on one aspect that is a priority at the moment, we open the portal to new opportunities along the journey.


                  • Earth:    our foundation, organisation, resources and physical body.
                  • Water:    the digestion, emotional intelligence and relationships.
                  • Fire:       creativity, self-expression and motivations.
                  • Air:         clarity of mind, concentration, sens of direction.
                  • Ether:     space


The moon influences life on Earth and natural mechanisms in a way that must have seemed natural hundreds and thousands of years ago. At full moon, corals release eggs and gametes in a reproductive frenzy.

And the gravitational attraction between the moon and the Earth causes sea tides — the rising and falling of the sea.

Since the moon influences such mechanisms of life on Earth, people have also believed that it can affect various aspects of physical and mental health.

You will learn how to manage the influence of the moon and other aspects of your life by integrating the wisdom of the 5 elements of nature: earth, water, fire, air, ether for healing, wellbeing, and creativity.

Discover the secrets and application of ancestral wisdom, lunar cycles, meditation, quantum physics, sacred geometry, … with daily exercises and experiences.

We will practice the Vortex Meditation together and you receive tools to master it for your self-practice. It is a meditation in movement based on qigong and other ways to heal and to bring vitality into your life.

A 28-Day journey with daily Meditation and Exercises to experience and to balance the 5 elements. 

Initiating the day with inspiration and alignment:   8:30AM EST 

If you miss a class, you receive the recording to do your exercise, experience at a time that is convenient for you. 

Transition into the New Year 2020-2021 Dates: December 8th 2020 to January 6th 2021 (click here)


“It is because of this PTSD that Iza felt she needed to reconnect with a healer she met last year named Christelle Chopard, an Expert Consultant for Life Transitions and Project Development. It’s Christelle’s mission to support people in their journey of healing, awakening and manifestation. Through her help, Iza was relieved of the guilt she felt towards her mom’s demise some 18 years ago. A message that was sent to her through a dragonfly, which is viewed as a messenger in healing communities, made her realize that even after all these years, her mom is still watching over her. Christelle told Iza then, “You know, sometimes it’s just their time. It has nothing to do with you and you shouldn’t blame yourself.”

And now, after surviving a life and death situation, while her heart is brimming with gratefulness, an amount of guilt is trying to make its way into her system as well. Christelle helped her process her feelings about survivor’s guilt—because she survived, Iza was pressured to make her life count. And she must, but this strong will to live must come from a place of love and light and neither burdened by nor tinged with guilt and pressure.

Instead of vibrating the frequency of guilt, what she chooses to focus on is the vibration of love and connection, “fortifying the messaging of how relationships matter, human to human connection, kindness, empathy, compassion, and all that’s good in the world.”  Iza Calzado, actrice Philippines
Reference Metro Style _click here_

Many of us are affected in these times of uncertainty in our health, in our relationships and wellbeing. Some may experience stress, burnout, physical pain or other symptoms. These common symptoms often manifest when our connection to the earth is weakened.

Fortunately, there is a simple remedy.

From a scientific standpoint, the electromagnetic field of our planet boosts & sustains our own vital life force — which is why we feel nourished after spending time in nature. The time has come, Beloved One — a magnificent invitation to return to the magic of the earth.

Are you ready to learn how to plug in to the healing energy of nature through yoga practice?

Join us for our next Immersion including teachings, meditation, creative exercises to integrate the medicine of the 5 elements of nature for wellbeing and happiness.

The classes include:

  • Initiation: one:one  private consultation online with your mentor (with a map for visualization and recording) – in the training option.
  • daily 30min online zoom live group classes offering teachings and practical exercises to purify and to balance all five elements within our life.
  • once a week 60min classes including vortex meditation and map for visualization adapted to the transition of the moon cycle and to the element of the week:
    •  ☁️ Air — our breath for good health and clarity of mind ☁️
    • 🔥 Fire — our motivations, willpower and source of active energy in our body 🔥
    •  💧 Water — our digestive system, releasing obstacles in our emotions and relationships 💧
    • 🌱 Earth — our immune system, physical health, foundation, the way we manage our resources 🌱
    • 🧘🏽 Ether — our space and electromagnetic field  🧘
  • Completion: one:one  private consultation online with your mentor – in the training option.

The immersion includes also: (1) book: Elements on the Journey,  access to online course, certificate of completion as module 1 initiation life coaching certification training based on the DHARMI Method, ..

Contact us if you like more information: +1-786-301-7324.  –

Click here for the Transition in the New Year 2020-2021 Immersion 

This experience is also a module 1 of initiation in our life coaching facilitator certification training.

(2) Private Sessions

(1) Introductory consultation of your 5 elements to discover main blockages & what would be beneficial to shift.

(1) Completion consultation to assess the progress of your 5 elements.

(5) Group ZOOM classes

(1) for each element to introduce & establish your personal connection with it.

Includes aftercare practices to integrate your experience.

(1) Gift copy of book “Elements on the Journey”

Complementary & valuable wisdom based on the 5 elements.

Access to our Private WhatsApp Group Chat

Connect with our community of like-hearted souls & receive encouragement along your journey.

✅ You desire to connect with nature in a practical way, but don’t know how.

✅ You already feel connected & want to deepen your relationship to the elements.

✅ You would love to learn about the 5 elements & how to engage with them.

✅ You desire to improve your health, relationships, and quality of life.

✅ You notice some stress and misalignment and would like to find more balance and wellbeing in a mindful way.

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