The methodology is based on the Five Elements, a holistic approach for self and professional development. It engages the wisdom of the elements in a GPS to navigate life transitions with mindfulness. DHARMI Method includes three main pathways:

  • The Cycle of Creativity passes through each of the Five Elements. This practice allows us to complete cycles, and manifest a vision or intention.
  • The Vortex of Energy considers the seven tonalities and the five bodies. This practice heals, aligns, and expands your vibration, allowing a sense of bliss and integrity. This active meditation is a clear, practical way to experience the Law of Attraction. Click here for the book: Mindful Resonance
  • The Cycle of Evolution includes five key steps to release attachments, access and develop new potentials. This is a guidance supporting you to navigate transitions with compassion, clarity and confidence.

All those three main steps are based on natural law and universal principles based on the five elements, five bodies, seven frequencies, moon cycles and intention.


Christelle Chopard created a GPS, after a long journey within and all around, filled with extensive experiences and studies with teachers from diverse cultures.

Click here for more information about the five elements: psychological-mind, confidence-leadership, emotional-relational, physical-manifestation, and spiritual.

Life is a continuously evolving journey. Our purpose and mission unveil themselves through experience and reflection. There are no shortcuts in evolution. Acceptance, compassion, gratitude, and mindfulness open the path to a constant, enlightening process of development.

Every being has a sacred and meaningful purpose within our community. We are here to explore, to learn, to develop our gifts and wisdom through life’s experiences.

When we clarify our intention, honor our values, and live to our full potential, we experience balance, happiness and fulfillment.

You will learn tools to align your thoughts and actions with your intention. Most of the stress we experience in life is based on the gaps between who we are in our essence, and the programmed behaviors that create resistance, or lazyness.

While DHARMI® is a Method for holistic stress-management, self- and professional-development. It is designed to support the larger community when we listen within, we positively influence our surroundings and environment.

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