We are all unique in the way we respond and feel when we face challenges. We each have different perspectives towards similar circumstances.

If you experience stress on your life journey, we support you with clarifying the source of your stress. We take in consideration any traumas that are still stored in your body and response mechanisms, emotional memories and core believes. We guide you through a healing process with compassion.

You will access profound insights and awakenings to redirect your way with a clear healthy perspective.

If you seek guidance to clarify your direction. We will do some Mapping together to find clarity in your main talents, inspirations and Vision.

We support you with manifesting them with healthy values, positive intention and successful outcomes.

dcc_web-1024x682The DHARMI® Method supports you with:

  • Releasing and healing traumas, fears, attachments in the emotional, physical realm, in your response mechanisms or core believes.
  • Navigating life transitions and managing stress with mindfulness
  • Managing your time and resources with discipline and organization, creating a support system for prosperity and wellbeing (Earth Element)
  • Developing your emotional intelligence for personal evolution with values and healthy relationships (Water Element)
  • Cultivating your leadership skills and talents with confidence (Fire Element)
  • Clarifying your vision and strategy with integrity (Air Element)
  • Living a life with purpose and intention (Ether Element)

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Christelle Chopard, founder, mentor and author, offers private consultations online as well as her Signature Program,  Immersion ~ Mindfulness for a Lifetime.

We offer certification training and licensing programs. Our consultants provide services worldwide to support your wellbeing and mindfulness on your journey.

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Consultations are available online or in person and focus on a specific aspect as mentioned in the section Holistic Stress Management Coaching

Each consultation focuses on a specific aspect as mentioned in the section under Holistic Stress Management and Coaching:

    • General Holistic Consulting based on the Five Elements in Nature
    • Wellbeing and holistic lifestyle
    • Relationships and emotional intelligence
    • Leadership and self-confidence
    • Mindfulness and vision
    • Stress management and holistic integration
    • Constant evolution

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Healing based on the Five Elements (in person)

We are here to support you in navigating life’s transitions with clarity, compassion and mindfulness. You will receive the support in accessing and developing your potentials for abundance and fulfillment.