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Five Elements to become a successful Entrepreneur.

Five Elements to become a successful Entrepreneur.

Christelle Chopard is an independent and adventurous woman. She is the founder of the DHARMI® Method for holistic stress-management, self- and professional-development and a published author. Chopard is originally from Switzerland and has traveled many paths before settling in Florida. She is the owner and president of Life Creation Inc., dba. the DHARMI Institute, headquartered in Miami. Chopard measures success…

Many ways, many forms _ becoming one.

Hello, When I was looking for a direction, and purpose, I began to explore different ways and approaches that could support me to find balance, and clarify my vision. When I studied the Grinberg Method in 1991, I learned specific disciplines to center myself daily, this has been a strong foundation that was supporting me to center myself and stay…

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