A lack of time, resources or organization can be the source of intense stress.

Also, stress can be the cause of a lack of time, resources or space management.

In the DHARMI Method, we consider the stress directly related to prosperity, organization, physical healthy, material aspect as part of the Earth Element.

We observe what are the main causes of imbalance as well as what are the response mechanisms in order to provide tools that are appropriate to support a good foundation into your life.

Whether at home, in your daily routine, or in the office, a holistic and integrated approach to your life is possible.

Through the Method we will assist you in finding your way to a balanced and healthy lifestyle. The key is proper organization and discipline, with enough flexibility to allow you to grow.

Certain elements are essential for balancing your wellbeing. When your lifestyle is out of balance, you will receive signs that manifest physically and emotionally.

A clear organization for time and resource management supports the manifestation of our inspirations with prosperity.

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