Are you going through a transition in any of the areas of your life?

We pass through constant transitions in our lives. We may experience transitions in our health or our lifestyle. We may experience transitions in our family, in a relationship, in our career, or even in our interests or the country we live in.

We can deal with some of our transitions with clarity. Others are more challenging to navigate.

When we navigate life™s transitions, we can explore them in the context of the key elements:

Changes directly related to your health or physical body, or to your family and foundation.

Transitions that we experience in our relationships.

Changes of inspirations, career, or direction.

Changes of interest, or cultural changes due to relocation or other reasons.

What if you pass through a big spiritual shift? Opening the door to new possibilities, not knowing how to deal with all of those awakenings.Over the years, I have had the opportunity to revisit my perspective in many different aspects of my life. The Map will support you to assimilate those life transitions, find clarity, and receive the tools to continue your journey within this new reality.

It is also an incredible path to bring your inspirations into manifestation, while considering the key elements that lead you to fully experience a new reality, a new way, and a new life.

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