Members of the tribe follow a Dharmic Lifestyle aligned with the following principles:

  • Weekly Mapping along the journey based on the DHARMI Method:
    • Five Elements
    • Moon cycles
    • Seasons
    • Location
    • Intentions, relationships and visions.
  • Daily meditation
  • Weekly Vortex of Energy Meditation
  • Alignment of their gifts, purpose and manifestation along their Journey
  • Attraction of Abundance aligned with the frequency of intention


  • Clear your path and to awaken your potentials with compassion.
  • Follow your personal journey with dedication and healthy values.
  • Focus on positive intention.
  • Nurture healthy relationships.
  • Embrace the attraction and manifestation of your inspirations.
  • Transcend karmic aspects to access a dharmic perspective.
  • Manage stress with mindfulness.
  • Channel your energy with creativity.
  • Prioritize what sparks joy along the way.
  • Be in tune honoring your true values on your journey
  • Be part of a community with positive intention to support each others on their path and evolution
  • Receive support for stress-management and the manifestation of your inspiration in your daily life

Healthy routine and practices along your dharmic journey to stay centered and aligned with intention:

  • Daily meditation based on the five elements to support wellbeing, balance and mindfulness.
  • Weekly journaling following the Map
  • Weekly Vortex of Energy Meditation aligned with their Intention and Purpose, honoring the moon cycles and seasons.

They all receive clear instructions monthly with the dates of the changes of the moon cycle and main intention for each week. This support an expansion in the community for wellbeing and mindfulness. It also elevates the vibration of the planet tuning into positive frequency.

Conditions to become a Member: completion of the Immersion click here

After completion of the Dharmic Immersion, click here to choose the membership level that best suits you.