Relationship Coaching, Intuition, Emotional balance

We offer a clear integrative relationship coaching supporting healing, emotional balance and healthy values. The intention is to nurture healthy relationships based on the DHARMI® Map for a clear, integrative journey.

In private sessions the intention is to release emotional traumas and to balance the relationship with oneself and others. This process awakens the intuition and improves emotional balance.

For couple:
The process begins with one:one consultations for each person followed by a consultation together, and then another cycle of one:one consultations followed by two consultations together.

Each consultation is done online with video-recording to provide clear tools for integration along the journey.

A consultation takes 60min and includes:
* questions, coaching and integration of your answers into the map
* creation of the map in which the facilitator creates and show you the interconnection in between the five bodies
* meditation for transcendence
* awakening of a potential - inner medicine -
* tools for reprogrammation and integration

We highly recommend a series of 7 consultations done in a two-months period to complete a cycle with integrity.

If you experience any of the following, we are here to help:
- difficulty to manage emotions
- anger management
- being over-reactive
- emotional abuse
- unhealthy relationships (with yourself or others)
- fear management
- separation or conflict in a relationship
- seeking to find and to create a healthy relationship

We are here to support you if you want to enhance your intuition and emotional intelligence

You will learn to channel your emotions with positive intention, in a creative way.
You receive tools to manage emotions with clarity and healthy values

Everybody is considered as a unique individual with respect and compassion along the journey.


Healthy values through separation process,

P. has been informed by her husband that he wanted divorce. She has been aware of some misalignments in their relationships. Yet, she wasn’t expected it now, with their young daughter. She has been fully dedicated to her family life and discovered some truths that happened along their relationships that have been very hurtful. Though, she chose to stay in her heart and to honor her true values even during the divorce. She has strong family emotional values and preferred to strengthen those rather than giving in or becoming reactive. The divorce happened with a clear communication and she entered in a new positive loving relationship along the way.


Loving one authentic self and being loved,

It was challenging to find a harmonious relationship. As an independent, successful woman, I do have many friends, travel a lot and have many hobbies. Along the journey, I began to build up confidence and believed that I am lovable as I am. The transition has been subtle and nurturing. I am now in a loving happy marriage based on healthy values. (Sofia)

Divorce the husband or the belief and expectations..,

During a difficult time in my relationship I was considering divorcing my husband. Through the process I have been guided to first divorced my own beliefs and expectations. When I released attachments and expectations it actually saved my marriage.

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