Become a Certified DHARMI® Method Facilitator

Join our mindful community offering a clear dharmic guidance to support the wellbeing, mindfulness and evolution. The training program offers the option of TM License with extra support, coaching, and marketing offerings to guarantee you success along your journey and mission. 

Are you inspired to support people navigate life transitions with clear tools and compassion?

Would you like to develop your gifts and use them to support wellbeing, mindfulness and a sense of purpose?

Do you want to attract abundance while guiding people to manifest their own visions with prosperity?


We facilitate integrative training programs, with licensing and continuing education that enables you to guide people along their journey with healthy values, clear methodology, mapping and personalized attention.

You will share tools with your clients that they can apply into their day-to-day life with clarity.

This coaching methodology for self-development, spiritual enhancement and clear steps to manifest a vision assists people with navigating life transitions with mindfulness and ease, providing new levels of confidence.

Get started today with the Dharmic Immersion to first apply and master the methodology for your own self-development and alignment.

If you already have completed the Immersion, click here to fill up the application that you will send by email to:

For more information about the programs contact us at or by phone at: +1-786-301-7324

What is included in the training:

  • Immersion – click here for details –
  • One:one coaching and guidance with founder Christelle Chopard (Amarun)
  • Access to online courses:
    • “Conscious Communication”
    • “Five Elements for wellbeing and happiness”
    • “GPS for your Life”
  • (1) Signed copy of the Trilogy – 3 books written by founder Christelle Chopard:
    • Elements on the Journey
    • Mindful Resonance
    • Cycle of Evolution
  • Teachings and readings for self-study:
    • Ethical Guidelines
    • 7 Maps for a clear Dharmic Guidance, with clear steps, time management, intuition, mindfulness to support people along their transition
    • Teachings for better understanding of each steps for a harmonious, profound healing and life transformation
    • Teachings including sacred geometry, five elements, maps for guidance, meditation practice, ..
  •  Internship:
    • Communication and invitations
    • Guiding 5 person through all 7 maps with supervision and evaluation
    • Presentation and guidance in group of min. 7 participants
    • Follow up to support your students through their journey with mindfulness, dedication and clarity
    • Reports
  • Evaluation and Exam

The training incorporates a deep understanding of:

  • the main gifts, potentials, challenges of the person based on the five dharmic elements
  • a clear mapping process to guide the individual through life transitions honoring their environment and circumstances, guiding through life cycles with awareness of the 3-dimensional space we live in
  • recognize the difference between patterns, potentials, characteristics
  • healing of the painbody to nurture clear intention and positive space
  • clear guidance to follow what is sweet and reflect a true, empowering dharmic lifestyle, while releasing stress and channeling emotions wisely, and creatively.
  • sacred geometry
  • moon cycles
  • interconnectedness of the five bodies: physical, emotional, energetic, psychological, spiritual
  • alignment of intention, vision, manifestation
  • law of attraction and power of intention with clear tools for alignements balancing: spiritual connection purpose, vision, motivations/leadership, relationships, manifestations.

You will receive clear compassionate guidance to complete the required training program and to receive your DHARMI license.

Take advantage of this new and exciting business opportunity which will provide you with the ability to run your own practice and utilize the powerful brand of DHARMI Method to add credibility to your client base.

For more details and information: contact us  +1-786-301-7324


Before enrolling in the Facilitator Training, students are required to have completed the Dharmic Immersion and will present their attestation of completion with a licensed Experienced DHARMI® Method Facilitator.

Government requirements for consultants, life coach, .. vary internationally. If you are interested in guiding people through a Dharmic Journey based on the DHARMI Method professionally, you should first establish a good understanding of industry regulations in your region. For instance, in some European countries, the government requires Facilitators to hold either a government regulated license or academic degree in a life coaching, consulting or therapy related field, in addition to their Dharmi Method Facilitator certification. It is the student’s responsibility to understand the regulations specific to the region they intend to teach in, and to meet the industry requirements established by the governing bodies of that region.

As a licensed facilitator, you will receive the skills and techniques required to successfully provide Holistic and Mindful programming to your client base, designed to promote healthy and balanced lifestyles.

Once you have completed the required training program, you will receive your certification and can opt for the License with the following benefits:

  • Be part of the growing team of DHARMI® Method Facilitators
  • Rights to use of logo, copyrighted symbols and branded materials
  • Mentorship support
  • Monthly coaching
  • Continuing Education
  • Wholesale pricing on products to support the people along their journey and add value to your programs

Join the growing number of licensed DHARMI Method Facilitators who are helping others, and living a healthy abundant lifestyle running their own practices.

Join this unique team of professional making a profound impact for the wellbeing in the community:

My friends and my counselor were quite amazed at my new sense of peace, confidence and resolve – Avra Werimer

I noticed that the right and left sides of my brain began to balance through the flow of the practice. Since the workshop, I continued the practice daily, and notice more and more alignment every day with my intention, and the synchronicity around me in my life – Alvaro Posada

I am now truly connected to myself and empowered to connect both internally and externally from a meaningful and uninhibited place – Wende Valentine

To learn more about this opportunity being made available to you: click here to contact us or call us today at +1 (786) 301-7324.

Your future starts now.  Don’t let it wait.