Life Coaching Certification Training


Are you inspired to support people navigate life transitions with clear tools and compassion?

Would you like to develop your gifts and use them to support well-being, mindfulness and abundance?

Do you want to manifest the law of attraction with practical tools based on the 5 elements of nature, source of creation?

Join our mindful growing facilitator community on a 9-month integrative program with weekly live & online classes, and learn to offer clear guidance for the promotion of well-being, mindfulness and create your own successful practice. We facilitate integrative training programs, with licensing and continuing education that enables you to guide people along their journey with healthy values, clear methodology, mapping and personalized attention.

You will provide practical tools to your clients for their wellbeing, self-development and the manifestation of their vision.

This coaching methodology for self-development, spiritual enhancement, offers clear steps for manifestation, integrating coaching, reflection, meditation, quantum vortex mindfulness, and practical ways to live the life of your dreams.

Learn to guide people to navigate life transitions with clarity and compassion providing new levels of confidence.

Learn tools to offer:

  •  health coaching (5 bodies healing, alignment and empowerment)
  • relationship coaching (emotional intelligence, intuition, …)
  • leadership from the heart coaching (career, behavioral, talents, …)
  • mindfulness (belief system, vision, focus, concentration, ..)
  • meditation (quantum field, law of attraction, …)

You will receive a certification and become a licensed DHARMI® Facilitator – expert holistic life coach. The training program is based on the 5 Elements, Ancestral Wisdom and Innovative Coaching Modalities; it offers a TM License with continuing education, coaching, and marketing materials to guarantee your success as a life coach and DHARMI® Facilitator.

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