Aromatherapy 5 Elements

5 Elements Aromatherapy

5 Elements SPRAY

Box of 5 Elements in Spray (30ml) Aromatic sprays are pocket diffusers or room fragrances, gas-free, chemical-free. Organic Essential Oils 18% plus organic alcohol a few sprays throughout the day in the air are enough to enchant and purify the ambient air

5 Elements BBS: use internally and in friction

Box of the Five Elements Aromatherapy (10ml)

Aromas and scents have a major impact on our well-being and in our state of mind.

In the DHARMI® method, we integrate aromatherapy to promote transcendence, balance and connection during meditations and transition processes. These organic essential oil products support your well-being and balance.

Christelle Chopard co-created this line of products with Nelly Grosjean, aromatherapy expert, in order to develop mixtures that support the balance of the 5 elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether.

5 Elements travel kit aromatherapy

well as in Chinese and Indian traditions for hundreds of years.

What are the Five blends that we created and what are their purpose and benefits?


Earth Elemen Foundation, grounding, structure, strengthen the immune system, support your sense of organization, resources, prosperity.


Water Element Balance relationships, release emotional stress, develop intuition.


Fire Element Motivation, inspiration, it supports self-confidence and gives a boost of energy.


Air Element Clarity, Breath, clear the mind, support good memory and concentration. It also free space for a clear reflection.


Air Element Clarity, Breath, clear the mind, support good memory and concentration. It also free space for a clear reflection.

We offer the aromatherapy products in Spray and in BBS (used internally and in friction) – We ship internationally – Click here to access the store



How to use them?

Ways to select the element of the day:

  1. Focus your mind on an intention and pick one without watching. Your sense of perception will choose the one that you will need the most at this time.
  2. If you feel that you have a clear calling for a specific energy that day. Choose that Element with mindfulness.

You choose the Element with your right hand. You will place a drop of the essential oil at the base of the left thumb (and along spine – hand reflexology).

You will rub your hands together, do it gentle, not too strong which could burn the properties of the oils.

Sit comfortable and place your hands 7 inches from your face. Breathe in and out deeply. Smell and observe the response in your body. Which sensations does this aroma awakens within you? Take a few minutes to center and align yourself with your intention while being receptive of the fragrance to balance your frequency.

You can wear the one of your choice through the day as a perfume or have it with you to breathe in to recenter.


External use only

Do not place them on sensitive skin

Do not touch your eyes when you have essential oils on your hands.

If you have any allergy check first which blends are not recommended to you.

If you are pregnant check with your doctor if these fragrances are safe at this time of your pregnancy.

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