7 maps to learn to surf life transitions with grace [7 week journey]

Are you passing through a significant transition at this time of your life?

This series of online classes includes the presentation of 7 Maps to guide you with clarity along Your Journey.

The next online Immersion program begins on 6 March until 17 April 2018

Online Classes on Tuesdays at 11:00AM EST


Each class includes:

  • Setup of your referral points along your roadmap to clarify your position
  • Orientation
  • Meditation
  • Clarification of your intention and direction
  • Tools for integration

You will receive tools for your orientation that you can then continue to use along your journey.

You will unveil new potentials and learn how to integrate them in a practical and positive way into your life.

Even if you experience stress in some aspects of your life. Remember that you are on the right path and you have the answers. This methodology supports you to release attachments, core-beliefs, and to manifest your intention with success.

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