Balancing the energy in your home.

Based on the Five Elements

We are strongly influenced by our environment and surrounding. The food we eat, the people we relate with, the activities we engage in, the air we breathe, the path we believe in. All Elements have a great impact on our wellbeing and evolution.

Balancing the energy in your home is the foundation for a balanced lifestyle. In this article, I share with you a few steps on how to organize your space in balance with nature’s wisdom.

The area in nature where there are most abundance and growth is where there is a balance in between all five elements. The earth is healthy and fertile, there is enough water to nurture it, there are some interaction and engagement to support its growth and the movements in temperatures support growth. Other factors that support abundance are the cleanliness of the air as well as the cycles of seasons, the moon and other natural universal principles that influence evolution.

We can bring some abundance in our life and home space by integrating the wisdom of nature’s creation.

All Manifestation is based on Elements.

The Ether Element is reflected in your intention and the integration of all. It is the vibe and frequency you like to experience in the vortex of energy of your home space. This is a subtle field that we can feel when we arrive at a home or near people. When we set up an intention and meditate daily on it. When we integrate this intention into all aspects of our lives. This creates a magnetic field and has a ripple effect in its surrounding.

The presence of the earth element is reflected by a space that is comfortable, with some natural component such as wood, stones, a few plants, bamboo. An area that gives you a sense of grounding where you feel supported. When this space is balanced we can rest well and find comfort. When we cook healthy and organize our space with dedication we nurture the foundation in our space.

The presence of the element of water is with nurturing flow. You can have a water fountain, a bowl of water with some petals of flowers on it. This element is nurtured with healthy relationships and emotional connections into your home. When we share quality time and bonding experiences we nurture and balance the water element in our space. The cleanliness of the water that you use and a clear system for the flow of the water around your space will also have a direct influence on your relationships.

The essence of the fire is manifested with movement, warmth, and interaction. You can have a fire space or light up a candle sometimes. The way we balance the lightening in our space influences this element. Also, the integration of playful creative moments and healthy activities support a healthy fire. The reflection of this element supports the dynamic and inspire to action and leadership within your life.

The air element is represented by the clarity in your space. We can use a natural fan diffuser with selected essential oils to bring a clear influence in the air. The purity of the air you breath and the air that circulates in your space will affect your breath and your mindset. If you choose to be mindful and to take some time daily for studies or reflection it will highly support the balance of this element within your home.

The integration of all elements supports a balanced lifestyle. It is a two-way street between yourself and your environment.

What would be your dream home?

I invite you to take a few minutes to visualize Your Home Your Way.

Sometimes, we can be surprised that the place we live in is quite close to what we dream of. Sometimes we can be surprised that what we think we want may not really be our dream home.

What is your reflection?

For a harmonious flow of energy in your home or professional space, it is best to take into consideration your location, the seasons and the moon cycles. Those principles are in constant movements and support the dynamic, as well as harmony. If the setup is too stagnant in your home, it can bring a heavy sensation making it more difficult to rest, take action and focus with a clear mind.

Our home is a reflection of our foundation and earth element that sustains our lifestyle and relationships. If the earth is too dry and stagnant it doesn’t give space for the creative energy to flow.

We can also integrate the elements of spas, hotels, and resorts. When each space is consciously dedicated to a specific purpose, it will add value to the experience for your hosts as well as for all the people who are working.

I entered a space that impacted me beautifully. At the entrance of the restaurant was a garden, the door was in wood and the walls in real stones. Following the pathway from the door, I found a water fountain and a few fresh flowers were nearby, sharing beautiful subtle welcoming fragrances. In front of me was an extended view of mountains, lakes, and jungle.

On my right was the dining room area while the living room space and pool was on my left. Just in front was one pillar with a crystal in its center. The rounded shape of the pillar brought a graceful sensation of interconnectedness in between the restaurant space and the environment. The crystal brought a feeling of lightness and integration. It adds a sensation of comfort and ease.

May your dream home manifest and reflect your intention with grace and beauty.

Christelle Chopard

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