Celebration with intention

We are entering in a time of Celebration. It is a beautiful opportunity to explore, to share, to relax and to add some sweetness into our lives.

Which way do you choose to celebrate?

  • dancing with friends..
  • drinking alcohol..
  • going out and party until the morning..
  • looking for a peaceful natural space and embracing fully the sweet sensation of relaxation..
  • playing music..
  • channeling the energy creatively..
  • cooking and sharing one of your favorite meal with loved ones..
  • meditating..
  • ..

There are so many ways to celebrate that it can be as peaceful, loving, sweet, exciting and kind as you choose it to be.

It doesn’t have to be only one way. We can celebrate in so many forms. I invite you to expand your options and perspective in your experience of celebration.

Sometimes I have been celebrating by doing a long walk along the beach, listening to the birds and the waves. It was a moment of relief after years of dedication and focus. My senses were opening in a sweet way, feeling the breeze caressing my face with some fresh air. My feet in the water, I could feel the sand and humidity clearing my path creating space. It was a beautiful sensation of liberation and openness. A Celebration!

Sometimes I feel like sharing and getting together with friends, with loved ones. Freeing the inner child to express itself without judgement can give a profound sensation of relief and happiness.

What is your intention?

What is your way to Celebrate today?

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I wish you happy holidays!

Christelle C.

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