Complete cycles 2017 – initiate 2018 with clarity and confidence.

We are already at this time of the year…

Time to complete cycles, time to celebrate, time to reflect, time to surrender.

Navigating transitions can be overwhelming or stressful sometimes. We may resist the changes and the years passing by so fast. We may feel impatient wanting our projects to move faster. We may want to keep things as they were, yet the current took us into a new reality. We may experience difficult times. We may have missed opportunities and wish to get another chance. We may feel happy in the moment just as is.

If you like to take the chance to clarify some aspects of your life to heal and complete cycles before entering the new year, we offer you a 20% discount (promo-code:  C2017) on Consultations until 31 December 2017.

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Here are a few steps to complete cycles:

  1. Write about your point of departure in 2017:

How was your health, quality of life and lifestyle – How were you in your relationships and emotional state – What were your motivations – What was your vision, inspirations and perspective –

2. Write about where you are at this time.

3. Take a moment to observe how did you get to be where you are.

Stay in touch!  I will share with you very soon an article more in depth that will be published in a few days on JustBreatheMag. 

In these next few days and at the transition of the year, focus on this intention with clarity, compassion and confidence. It is your password to unveil wonders along the journey.

Click here to read the article: “Mindful Transition into the New Year – an exercise” – Seven Days Journey.


Christelle Chopard

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You will receive clear tools to clarify your intention, vision and create Your Roadmap for the new year. Teachings and guidance based on the Five Elements and Natural law of Creation.

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