Dharmic healing ~ ear ringing

It has been very humbling to notice the benefits of a DHARMI® Method Consultation with someone who has been suffering from an ear ringing (similar to the symptoms of a “tinnitus“) for a very long time.

His symptom began around two years ago. It was not too intense at that time but began to get stronger with the time. R. thought that it came from stress and the noises around town.

Though, after some time, the ringing began to be slightly more intense. He did some MRI and tests at the doctors. They couldn’t find any specific physical ailments. He tried some therapies and healing methodologies, yet it began to be even more intense two months ago.

We did a few observations in the alignment of the Elements and the DHARMI Map and noticed:

Earth Element, physical manifestation: discomfort and ear ringing. A slight inflammation on the opposite side of the base of the skull, which is a reflection of the Water Element. This means that the symptom is direction related to an emotional response mechanism. It was also a reflexology point in the pituitary and 3rd eye area in his foot. As the emotional reaction is in the area of the Air, this reflect a conflict in between a thought, a hope and an emotion. We could relate it with an expectation and illusion that was strongly anchored in a relationship in which he was very involved and which finished a few months ago.

The gap in between the belief and the reality was causing a certain inner conflict in his self-esteem and Fire Element. We went deeper into the reflection to clarify the Map.

Through a guided meditation, with clarity, acceptance, compassion and gratitude from this learning experience, he could slowly take a distance. He could find a healing space in between hope & hopelessness. He clarified his intention to be in Balance.

His affirmation was: I am clear and stay in balance, which he embodied by focusing on his breath and heart space. He practiced a specific meditation in the next few days for more integration and noticed very fast that his symptom diminished.

After a week or two he was beginning to forget about it and his ear hasn’t been bothering him since then.

The co-relation in the five bodies focusing on self-development and wellbeing offers healing benefits also in your physical health.

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Christelle Chopard

Founder & Mentor

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