Distraction vs attraction

Whether you experience more distractions than attractions, or attractions than distractions, both are directly linked to traction. And traction respond to the direction we choose to focus our mind and energy towards.

If your thoughts are aligned with a positive intention, this is what you are going to attract. Your own perspective will attract certain situations along your journey. Most of our life experiences are directly linked with our mindset.

Our actions and choices are also directly influenced by our emotional states and response mechanisms. Certain people and circumstances trigger emotions that are familiar to us. Sometimes we are attracted by a person who is triggering a familiar emotion, even that it is not pleasant to us. It is what we know, it is the type of relationships we are used to be involved with.

While in other circumstances we may experience a pleasant emotion, yet we are not familiar with it. If this sensation brings us into an uncomfortable space, as pleasant as it may be. We may not feel attracted to pursue this relationship.

To attract new circumstances and people into our lives, we first have to set our intention, our mind and whole being into a space that is aligned with it.

Using the GPS for your life, DHARMI Method, you receive tools to align all Five Bodies with a positive intention. The more at peace and inspired you will be with this way to be, the more attracted you will be with those who are in that same frequency.

Clarifying Your RoadMap based on the DHARMI Method supports the alignment in all Five Elements:


When all five bodies are aligned, you will express yourself from that frequency and mindset. You will act and take decisions based on this intention in a holistic mindful way, which leads to different outcomes into your life.

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