Intention & Connectedness

Life is a dance. We are all connected influencing each others in our movements, moods, motivations, and mindset. 

We are all connected, may it be just by the fact that we live all together on earth at this time. We are all connected in our thoughts, in the air we breathe, with the oceans that surrounds us, below the stars, sun and moon. Separation is the only illusion. 

When we meet people and go to places we are influenced by the vibe that surrounds us. We also affect others with our own smile, dynamism or any frequency we are in. When we tune with the frequency of an intention, we experience more synchronicities with others who are in a similar frequency.

What is an intention? 

It is something or a state of being we intend to experience, to share, and/or to manifest.  It can be love, compassion, confidence, abundance, wellbeing, contentment, … 

A goal is a future external manifestation we wish for. While the intention is the real intend behind the goal. It can still be an objective we intend to experience. 

We can run away from difficult situations to try to find peace elsewhere. Or we can choose to develop peace with what is, and to bring peace along our journey. 

Meditation supports the integration of our intention. A 28-day practice with a one hundred and eight repetition of our mantra brings the frequency of our intention in our whole being. A mantra is like a prayer or affirmation. We experience the power of our thoughts, and mind that lead our intention towards a real sensation, and manifestation. 

When we release attachments or expectations we connect from a loving space, nurturing our relationships with compassion. 

The Earth connects us all. 

Walking with mindfulness we activate the frequency of our intention on each step. The sensation of the earth below our feet reminds us that we are supported and connected with all living beings. For this experience I invite you to hug a tree, and to visualize the roots of the tree and your own connection to the earth, feeling this extension with all beings around.

“The drums will always beat loudly in our hearts even through the noise of the world. Every time your feet touch our mother earth our souls will feel the pull of those who walked before us.” William WindWalker

The Water connects us all. 

Water moves within and all around us, connecting us through constant transitions, reminding us of the cycle of impermanence. We relate together and influence each others emotionally. 

The emotions keep flowing moving through our being like waves of water coming and going. 

When we have a clear focus we channel our emotions with intention in a creative way. It releases stress while bringing healthy values in our relationships. There are no negative or positive emotions, it is the way we channel our emotions that matters. From a positive intention we nurture our relationships with grace.

Here is an invitation to sing the water song: 

Our heart beats connect us all. (Fire)

Life is a dance. We are in constant interaction, dancing together in life rhythm below the sun. 

We bring a spark of light when we act from a positive intention. It brings warmth in our days and relations.

When we take leadership with mindfulness we connect with a higher purpose, and the light shines brighter uplifting the energy. 

Let’s release attachments and resistance, surrendering to the dance with inspiration and intention. We experience this connection feeling our heart and the one of others. Sharing a hug with open heart, embracing this moment, becoming one. 

In sanskrit, love is interpreted as connection. We feel love when we are connected. 

Breath connects us all. (Air)

Whether expressed or not, the words that pass through our mind have a power of influence on everyone, including ourselves. It is like the wind, invisible yet so powerful. When the intention is clear we direct our mind with clarity, empowering this frequency in our way of thinking and in our communication.

Our minds are interconnected in a matrix that we may not see but perceive. A conscious communication supports wellbeing and happiness leading to healthy relationships.(-course-)

We experience this connection when we breathe together, when we chant together, when we relate mindfully. Also, when we meet with likeminded people. 

God’s frequency exists within us. There are many paths and many masters. We are all connected in the quantum field. (Ether)

Whether we call it God, Buddha, Divine Energy, Allah, Source of Creation, … There is this holy, divine sacred presence that is above, below, within and all around us. 

When we tune with the sound A-U-M, we experience a sensation of transcendence, a connection with the universal consciousness. We rekindle the three dantiens (navel, heart, third eye). One experiences Oneness. 

Sharing our intention and meditating together supports the frequency of everyone, uplifting a  vortex of energy creating a grid of light frequency around the world (picture). We invite you to share your intention with us. We will be in communication to support its manifestation as a collective co-creation. 

Peace and Happiness, 

Christelle Chopard (Amarun)

To support the understanding we can include: a picture of vortex of energy – a picture of grid around the world connecting people like with symbol of the flower of life – a picture with symbol drawing of the intention and reflection within and around. 

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