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Healing properties of the Air Element based on the DHARMI® Method

Breath is Liberation ~ Breath is Connection ~ Breath is Life

As liberating as it may be, the breath and the air connects us all. We are all aware that we need to breathe to stay alive. It may sound so simple and natural. Yet, with the years, our breath could become scattered, distracted, shallow, interrupted.. and it becomes more and more difficult to access a peaceful harmonious nurturing breath. 

When we become stressed our breath is directly affected. When we breathe in a way that is scattered, it causes physical and emotional stress. This becomes a wheel of conditionment and pressure in our wellbeing, relationships, state of mind. 

I studied diverse forms of pranayamas (breathing techniques) and dhyana (meditations: stating the mind and accessing high level of consciousness) in which we learn ways to breathe based on specific research made with clear intentions and purposes. I explored breathwork which brought to the surface profound hidden memories and stress that were stored in my body and mind. It has been very liberating and lead to profound healing experiences. 

We can breathe to survive ~ We can breathe to thrive. 

In previous blogs, I shared about other elements:  Healing WatersMother Earth – source of healingSpark Joy (Fire Element). In this article you will find a dharmic perspective of the Air Element. 

I invite you to explore how the mind and the breath affects all five elements and five bodies: 

Breathe to clarify your mind – Mindfulness

When we bring awareness of our breath and learn to guide it with clarity, it requires a high level of concentration and clarity of mind. 

The mind is like the sky with sometimes clouds (thoughts) passing by. Breath is like the wind, it clears the clouds, the shutters, worries, confusion. When we breathe we clarify our thoughts and bring more source of oxygen to support concentration, memory and alertness. When we are aware of our breath and focus our attention to its rhythm, to its temperature, to its depth, we slowly detach from worries and distractions. 

Many times when worries take over, we can direct our attention to our breath and access a space of clarity.  When we have a clear positive perspective towards life, we develop peace with who we are, with what we have, with where we are at this present moment, with the space we live in.

Do you want to clarify your mind? 

Just Breathe

Breathe to uplift your vitality

Breathe to activate your energy: We can balance our energy with specific breathing exercises. FireBreath is a form of pranayama (breathing technique) that stimulates and balances the warmth in our body. Then the energy can circulate with more strength and vitality, which supports our leadership skills. 

There is a relationship in between the air and the fire element: 

When we do have a clear mind and reflection we direct our actions with purpose. Our thoughts direct our actions, like the wind gives the direction to the flame. 

Also, when we listen to the voice of the heart, our thoughts become more compassionate and loving. It reminds us that the sun brings warmth in the air. 

Do you need more energy? 

Just Breathe

Breathe to release emotions

Breathe to release emotions for balance and stress release: When we access a profound breath, it releases emotional stress. Our body has the tendency to accumulate stress in the emotional body. A deep breath can reach those levels in a healing way. It gives a chance to surrender and to clear repressed emotions. The channels of the water gets clear and we experience a harmonious relief. 

Cultivating emotional intelligence requires for us to let go of our judgements over our emotions. There are no positive or negative emotions, it is what we do with them and how we perceive them that can transform them into negative or positive. They are just… emotions. When we observe our emotions and listen to them with equanimity we give space for them to flow, we can then channel them creatively to nurture healthy relationships. 

Do you want to release emotional stress? 

Just Breathe

Breathe for balance and wellbeing.

Breathe for relaxation and sleep: Sometimes we feel restless and it can be difficult to access a space of stillness and relaxation. Bringing awareness to our breath helps release attachments and anxiety.  We become more mindful.

If you feel agitated, you will take some time to observe your breath. When you are aware of its rhythm, you begin to guide it creating a slightly longer exhalation than the inhalation. You will notice some relaxation and slowly find more ease in your breath, in your body, in your mind. When you find more ease, you will visualize every part of your body relaxing slowly from head to toes. 

Do you want to relax? 

Just Breathe

Breathe for connection.

The air connects us all. It does free our mind from struggle. It releases stress. It removes toxins from our body. It is source of liberation. 

Do you want to awaken? 

Just Breathe

When someone tells me that she/he doesn’t have 15minutes to meditate per day, I highly suggest them to meditate 30min minimum per day. 

There are many forms of meditation, and breathing techniques. Each ones have different purposes and offers specific benefits. I highly recommend you to contact professionals in your area or at the healing hotel you will visit this Summer to learn ways that will fit your needs, and that are aligned with your intention. 


Christelle Chopard ~ Amarun 

Founder DHARMI® Method

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