Mandala For Healing And Stress Management

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Mandalas are symbols that reflect specific purpose and frequency which are aligned with an intention. They have been used in different traditions worldwide. We can use them for healing, to awaken our creativity, for self-development or for visualization.

A mandala is the reflection of the universe, its source and expansion. It can be interpreted as the embryo and the womb, as the source and the field containing manifestation and creation. 

A mandala can be symbolized by a flower, a garden, an eye, the sun, a face, a tree or the planet itself. The word mandala comes from spiritual and ritual symbols in Hinduism and Buddhism, though it is also used in the Western approach to psychology as practiced by Carl Jung. 

A mandala honors the fact that all creation is a projection coming from the innermost center, as embodied in a circle. Shapes can vary in their representation. However, they usually reflect balance, creation and the Four Gates or directions. 

In various spiritual traditions, a mandala is used as a teaching tool, to focus and establish a sacred space and as an aid to meditation, healing and transcendence. 

Mandala is now a generic term for any plan, chart or pattern that represents the cosmos metaphysically or symbolically.

Mandalas support the healing and visualization, honoring a representation of a microcosm of the universe from the human perspective.

In a dharmic healing approach we integrate all Five Elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether in the creation of mandalas for healing and self-discovery. The creation and visualization of a mandala helps to focus attention towards specific purposes and intentions. It allows the relief of stress or trauma. 

“Today I honor the Elements as my paintbrush dances across my canvas. The Air brings me clarity and focus. The Fire reflects my intention with rhythm in each brushstroke. The Water cleanses the colors of the paintbrush releasing emotional stress. The Earth provides resources and space to manifest my intention. The Ether is the reflection of the frequency of my intention within and all around.”G.G.

Finding oneself in front of a blank white page can be overwhelming. We find ourselves facing  space, openness, and the freedom to express a new perspective with intention.

I invite you to an experience and to create your mandala. You will begin by clarifying your intention. Then, you may choose an environment that is aligned with it. You can use your creativity, making a collage, using pencils on white sheet of paper, watercolors, or even using natural materials like stones, flowers, leaves or whatever is symbolic to you at this time.

From that intention, you will choose a color that represents it the most, and draw a dot or a symbol in the center of your page. You will also define its space with a big circle, frame around it. This is the reflection of the ether element. Remember to focus on your breath and your intention through the whole creative expression. Define the frame around your space of creation (sheet of paper) with four dots representing each element (earth, water, fire, air) in the cardinal points (east, south, west, north). 

Now that you have the center and the frame_ Imagine which color would reflect your intention and it’s manifestation. Feel free to use different colors, shapes, words, and to create your own art piece. It can be a flower, a planet, a family, a tree.. You will benefit most when choosing symbols that gives you a sense of healing and nurturing. 

When you complete the process. You may take a few minutes to observe your creation and to meditate with it. See what it means to you. 

If you like to receive an interpretation of your design, you can send a picture of your mandala with your name and intention to: Your information will be kept confidential.

The creation of mandala is also used for team bonding as well as the clarification of a vision with the steps for manifestation. Such a symbol can serve to clarify the intention, and how the gifts and visions of everyone on the team combine to create a bigger picture. The project, vision and mission are clearly set and the team members find the ways to complement each other’s forces, skills and potentials for that purpose. 

It is a creation that supports the vision of a group, organization or community, allowing a space for everyone to express themselves and find their space. The mandalas are created based on intention for the group. This experience supports to better structure their organization and have integrity in the process of manifestation.

Mandalas are symbols that reflect a vision and vibration in an energetic field which are aligned with a specific intention, purpose, and direction. They have been used in different traditions, symbolize life’s principles, and affect those who see or use them in many ways.

We are all artists in our own style and can channel our energy creatively to manifest a healthier, happier lifestyle and environment.


Christelle Chopard ~Amarun

Founder DHARMI® Method

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