Manifestation with intention

Intention is subtle and powerful. It is a choice we make consciously and intentionally.

When we focus on the intention of our actions we take a sense of leadership that adds integrity in our form of expression.

Imagine that you call a friend just to call and find out how they are, without any specific intention.

Imagine that you call a friend with the intention of compassion and kindness. You may call the same person and ask the same question, yet it will come from a different place in your voice, in your attention when you listen to him or her.

A dharmic manifestation of intention is reflected in the attunement in all five bodies and seven frequencies, while taking in consideration healthy values with your environment. This reflects in the manifestation of the law of attraction.

The five bodies are linked to five voices within us. When the intention of compassion is clearly define in the ether, in our inspiration we then consider our way of thinking. Can we believe in compassion?

As long as there are some doubts and judgements the voice of the mind is still resisting it’s manifestation. Through clear breathing exercises and mantra we give space to this possibility.

When the mind is clear and we have created space, we can access another layer and bring it into action. Can we express ourselves with compassion?

The manifestation of intention is reflected in our posture, in the way we direct our movements and the intensity of our actions, expression. So many rituals use masks and dances to express different intentions. Somehow we are all dancers moving our way below the big drum.

The emotional voice can be sensitive to the intention we set. If we have lost confidence or if our compassion (or any intention) has been misinterpreted or wounded in our past, we are taking a new chance to learn to contain this quality with clarity. The manifestation of our intention in the emotional body supports healing. We learn to channel our emotions creatively based on compassion. Can we relate from a space of compassion?

Step by step we integrate our intention until we become one with it. It is at this point that we fully embrace it.

The intention manifests itself in our human experience and influences our environment like a drop of water falling in the ocean, sharing it’s frequency all around with grace.

I wish you all the chance to experience fully your intention through the New Year, within and all around!

Love & Wisdom,

Christelle Chopard

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