Navigate through impermanence

When Christelle Chopard was a teenager, she received a message telling her that she had a mission to support the awakening and the wellbeing in our community. She didn’t clearly understand the message at that time, though she began to study and practice different methodologies of self-development and awareness.

The message became clearer when she was 21 years old, when she got a deep understanding that the only security in life is the connection to the source of life, to our core center. Even if we lose everything or pass through difficulties, we can continue to move forward as long as we are connected to the flame within us. Life is a constant evolution:  the special time that you had with your husband last year at your wedding is not present anymore, your relationship is now at a different level. The success that you had three years ago in your career is already gone, whether you lost everything or whether you continue to grow to higher successes and more abundance. Your little child is already big. Every stage in life has its magic!

We do live a constant evolution. Why are we attached to our past? How does our past serve us? Where are we going? Where are we, here and now?

Christelle has explored different cultures and traditions, traveling through the five continents, visiting forty countries, and teaching in more than twenty of them. She followed her inner guidance, and wisdom grew with each experience. On her path of awakening, she created the DHARMI® Method, GPS for your life.


The Cycle of Evolution consists of 5 steps that invite us to transcend our experiences and continue to evolve with consciousness and freedom.

In Step 1, we observe which situation, memory, expectation or relationship awakens a feeling of stress, a gap within us. If we notice many of them, then we focus on the most important one at this time in our life.

Through Step 2, we clarify our reaction, or point of reference. This comes from the accumulation of emotional memories and past experiences. We identify the four corners: our core belief, the sensations related to that belief, the emotions that respond to it, and our behavioral patterns that are linked to this perspective. When there is a gap between our heart center and our core beliefs, we experience stress and internal conflict. Most of our actions and decisions are coming from the comfortable duality we recognize here, and subconsciously we become addicted to the sensations of stress. When we awaken compassion, acceptance and gratitude for that part of ourselves, we open the door to transcendence.

Step 3 is the moment of transcendence and connection to our heart center. Behind the door waits our Self. This step is felt as a sensation, sometimes a little abstract, in which we reencounter our Self. This experience can be subtle and powerful. In this state of being we find inspiration, and a key intention that liberates us from duality. We enter a space of awakening.


From this space of light and connection we enter into Step 3, embodiment. We create the DHARMI Vortex of Energy©. From our inner self, we express and align our vibration, sensations, thoughts and directions. We consider the seven directions and five elements of creation: earth, water, fire, air, ether. This step invites us to embody our intentions with consciousness and wisdom.

The last stage, Step 5, is the invitation to relate with our surroundings and the situations in our life from a new perspective. Our way of looking at life’s circumstances and opportunities can now come from a new point of reference.

The people around us may notice a change, and we have the tools to relate with them from this new perspective with compassion and acceptance. As we grow, we relate with family, friends, career and life free from expectations.

Every step in the Cycle of Evolution is important. If we skip Step 3, we will continue our karmic path in duality. If we skip Step 4, it will be difficult to communicate and relate with our surroundings. If we stay in Step 1, we touch only the secondary aspect of our stress but we do not touch the cause, or primary aspect discovered in Step 2. If we forget Step 5, we won’t have the opportunity to manifest our intention and integrate it into our relationships and life.

This methodology allows us to receive the wisdom from our experiences so that we can transcend them with consciousness and intention.

It supports the process to accept and to navigate through Impermanence.

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