Roaming With Intention

A guidance to cultivate “aha-moments” along your journey 🙂

There are many ways to find directions. Sometimes we seek far away, trying to fill up gaps, to release stress or to fulfill expectations. When we focus on Intention the journey becomes harmonious and mindful.

Do we need to go out of our way to find the way?

In this mapping methodology we consider that you already are on the right path. We support you to find more clarity and to position yourself in a way that reflects your intention. It guides you to unveil wonders, to access the frequency you inspire to live. 

Here are the three dimensions that influence our wellbeing, happiness and life’s journey: 

  • Our frequency considering what is our intention, perspective, state of being.
  • Our position in relationship with our environment, relationships, career, community and location. (Here)
  • Our timing honoring our life cycle and priorities in this present moment. (Now)

The law of attraction responds directly to our perspective, mindset and frequency. When our intention is clear we direct our attention to align our thoughts, actions and emotional state with this frequency.

It is a personal unique experience for everyone, yet it connects us all in the frequency we choose to tune in. 

As I travel with purpose, living in different cultures, with different roles, languages and even other names, my life experiences are aligned with the frequency I am tuning in. When we are aligned with our intention, synchronicities appear with abundance. Creating balance between discipline and surrender gives space to flow. 

The intention can be healing, balance, confidence, compassion, happiness, prosperity, love, .. It is a quality you like to awaken and nurture into your life. What do you want? 

When roaming with intention we focus the attention towards the frequency and state that we aspire to experience. It is a way to cultivate and to manifest the life we wish for. 

The intention brings us into a fine attunment along the journey. It helps us to stay present and alert along the way. When both can be aligned: intention and vision (purposeful goals) we find balance and plenitude. Without an intention the path can be vague and unsettling. 

  • The frequency: Intention

This aspect is subtle and reflect our state of mind, our behaviors, our state of being in a physical and emotional way. 

If you notice that your frequency is not aligned with your intention, you may want to practice meditation and receive guidance to balance yourself with that sensation.

When we are clearly centered on an intention we activate this state of being in our emotional state and feelings. It creates a ripple effect around us. 

* The position: Here

Sometimes we may find a gap between what we are looking for (within us) and what we are experiencing in the world around us. Sometimes we may not receive the fulfillment we expected in a specific relationship, career, or destination we chose to visit.

Some people have created extra-secure environments and still don’t feel safe. Some people are in a relationship and don’t feel love.  Yet we can nurture relationships with love, feeling a loving connection.

When we relate with our environment and actual life situation with intention it brings us in a state of alertness and mindfulness. We get involved and engage our own energy, intention into the situation and environment we live in.  We relate with the people around us based on this intention and frequency.

When we choose a destination with a clear intention, we unveil opportunities for new experiences.

* The timing: Now 

We all pass through different cycles and are also affected by the cycles of nature and other people around us. Sometimes what was giving us a sense of wellbeing and happiness in the past is not giving us the same sensation at this time of our life. Sometimes we pursue future goals seeking satisfaction, yet it doesn’t always work that way. It is in the present that we can experience contentment. 

When we have a clear intention it helps us define our priorities of the moment. We can tune in the frequency of our intention to attract situations and people that are in similar resonance. 

We may notice some attraction to act and to relate in a way that is familiar and doesn’t reflect our intention. It takes dedication and attention to train our thoughts, perspective, actions and priorities in a way that will reflect our intention. 

When we are centered it just feels right. It is this “aha” sensation that reminds us we are at the right place, with the right people, at the right time… and.. in the right frequency. 

The dharmic guidance (DHARMI® Method) supports you along your own personal journey. We take in consideration all five elements and natural principles to support your wellbeing and the manifestation of your Intention. 

We offer online consultations dharmic guidance and online courses. (

You may want to journal for clarification along the way. Writing your intention, the way it feels when you are in tune with that frequency. Writing what, who, which style of relationships nurtures most this intention at this time of your life. Noticing if there are distractions or leaks of energy and how you can align all three dimensions along your journey. 

When we focus on intention, it serves ourself as well as those around us who are directly influenced by this enlightening ripple effect of positive frequency. 

I wish you all an inspiring journey, 

Christelle Chopard 


DHARMI® Method, GPS for your life 

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