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Healing benefits based on the Fire Element_ DHARMI® Method

A spark of inspiration appeared as I opened my eyes after a profound meditation and received the first ray of the sun rising in the horizon. The light is finding its way between the leaves of the trees in the jungle and lush forests in Costa Rica. My heart is opening, listening to the whisper of nature’s wisdom.

Honoring the Five Elements and Nature’s guidance, I shared with you teachings about the Healing Waters and about Earth Healing Rituals in the last few weeks. Today, I am inspired to share with you about this shining light that brings a spark of joy into our lives, the Fire Element. 

We all experience different intensities in our feelings as we move through life’s rhythms. Our motivations change with time. The manifestation of some dreams gives space to open new doors and to explore new possibilities. 

When seeking security and connection we may tune into our heart. Feeling the rhythm within brings a sense of comfort. We find stillness in motion honoring the nature of change. 

It is when we accept that we give space for an organic process of change to happen. In a few decades of dedication to healing, supporting people to access a space of balance, I have explored many ways until I found clarity in my own path.

In the Element of Fire we bring attention to the spark of life. We take leadership to activate the vital energy. Through dance therapies, qigong, yoga, pranayama_ through drawing mandalas, art therapies, creative process_ through manifesting a vision or inspiration, we activate the vital energy within our body, mind and magnetic field. 

When we channel the light honoring all five elements of creation with positive intention we enter in a moving meditation. It is a way to free the creative energy releasing toxins, supporting healing, balance and evolution.  

Here are a few steps to balance the flame within all five dharmic elements. 

When we have a clear intention, it brings a spark of motivation and a sense of direction. We then direct our attention and visualize the way to release obstacles along the way. 

When we breathe deeply and blow subtly towards the ambers, it enlightens the flame. We take leadership with mindfulness. 

When the wind is too strong, moving in all directions without focus, it will affect the fire in a disturbing way. When our mind is scattered our actions are easily distracted. 

Honoring healthy values in our relationships and being attentive to our emotional balance keep the fire warm and compassionate. Our motivations and self-esteem is consumed quite fast when there is no sensitivity or emotional consideration in our relations. 

In other circumstances when we become overemotional or attached, we may loose the sense of direction and leadership. This is the reflection of an overflow of water over the fire. 

The earth gives us space to walk our path. It is the dance floor on which we all move together, learning different steps as we grow. 

When we observe the sun rising and setting, it reminds us of the different life cycles and constant evolution we live in. Some people wake up and take action while others rest and give space. We all have our own times. We have different roles and rhythms, like pieces of a big puzzle we may not even see. We create all together at the rhythm of the big drum. 

There is abundance for everyone to be. May we unify our talents to co-create visions for the betterment of our community and environment. 

Bringing some positive attention and uplifting people in our lives support theirs’ as well as our own healing. We give a chance for everyone to shine, honoring fully who they are without any judgement. 

We experience stress when we are drifting from the flow and loose connection to the light, when we resist the rhythm of the dance we live in. 

The fire element is a subtle yet powerful energy that keeps us alert. When our attention is driven towards what brings joy, nurturing and a sense of purpose, there is no more space for what doesn’t. It creates a clearing process based on positive values and intention. 

Follow the way where you experience a spark of joy. That spark is the star that enlightens your path and guides you along the way.

When we tune in the heart frequency we lead with love and compassion. 

I wish you all a beautiful day. 

Keep dancing! 

Christelle Chopard ~ Amarun 

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