The 5 elements of stress management for real estate agents

Article by Giuliano Geronymo, DHARMI® Method Facilitator

In these fast-paced times, stress has become a normal part of life that you may have learned to adapt to rather than discover what’s causing it. It is proven that stress has detrimental effects on your focus, behaviors, relationships and health. This is nothing to feel guilty about — even the Dalai Lama experiences stress in his daily life, although he does have clear tools to deal with it.

As a real estate agent, I am sure you observe stress in various levels of your career. Perhaps you experience expectations from your boss or your own self, low self-esteem or unhealthy relationships with clients. While it may not be possible to completely eliminate stress from your business, there are simple and effective ways to cultivate a healthier response.

As a DHARMI® Method facilitator, I have learned a simple, yet successful approach to manage stress based on the 5 fundamental elements. Each element represents a key aspect of your life:

  1. Air ~ Mind
  2. Fire ~ Leadership
  3. Water ~ Relationships
  4. Earth ~ Time Management
  5. Ether ~ Acceptance

A constant evaluation of these symbolic elements can provide you with valuable feedback which can greatly increase your focus and productivity. I now invite you to evaluate each element, recognize your main stress triggers and explore a healthier solution.

1. Air Element ~ Mind

Your mind can be your best business partner which positively contributes to your success. On the other hand, it can be a source of stress when you are visited by unhealthy thoughts and distractions. This may prevent you from achieving the results you desire.

How is your level of attention?

Between organizing showings, managing listings and following up with clients, your mind can be all over the place. If you don’t take the time to focus, your brain may feel scattered and your thinking becomes unclear. As a result, your decision-making is compromised.

Dedicate a moment to breathe and create space in your mind which will invite mental clarity. 

2. Fire Element ~ Leadership

When you are your own boss, it requires a strong level of leadership. Consequently, you may experience many sources of stress directly related to this.

Your confidence may dwindle during a dry month or when a seller unexpectedly back outs of a deal you’ve invested a lot of time and energy in. Your motivation flatlines when nothing seems to be happening despite your continuous effort. Similarly, too much fire can burn others or yourself, yet not enough fire and you sizzle out.

To maintain a steady flame, learn to observe the moments in which you overdo or are not doing enough so that you can lead from a space of balance.

3. Water Element ~ Relationships

As a real estate agent, your profession is dependent upon building and maintaining relationships. When relating with others, there are countless situations which can trigger discomfort and stress. 

You’ve spent hours with a prospective buyer at several listings, but they decide they are not ready to move forward. You and your business partner(s) are not seeing eye-to-eye, emotions rise and you act on what you feel rather than allowing these waves to pass. Even a strong current in your personal life can sweep you away when you need to keep an even keel.

Developing emotional intelligence to adapt yourself to others while honoring your intention, your intuition and your core values will allow you to nurture healthier relationships, communicate effectively and go with the flow.

4. Earth Element ~ Time Management

We know time management is crucial in this profession, yet it possible to lose track with a growing list of tasks and deadlines. You have the same 24 hours in the day as everyone else, but sometimes it may seem like you need to add more hours to get it all done.

Do you ever have so much to do that you “don’t have time” to listen to your body which causes you to rush? It now seems that eating-on-the-way or completely skipping lunch is your only option. This triggers a psychological and chemical imbalance that does not allow you to be fully prepared to respond to what is required in each moment.

Dedicate time the night before to organize your calendar based on the needs of the following day while considering your own personal needs. When you schedule time specifically for meals, breaks or follow ups, you can significantly improve and maintain peak levels of productivity throughout your day.

5. Ether Element ~ Acceptance

Choosing a career as a real estate agent involves dealing with unpredictability. You can create your projections for the week, month, year, but how do you really know how it will all unfold? This uncertainty can be uncomfortable, frustrating or even trigger fear.

With so many variables to consider, it is impossible to try to control everything. How do you react when things do not go your way? Until you have a magic wand to wave, practicing acceptance of anxiety, confusion or doubts can relieve pressure when they arise.

What can be your intention to help you face stress? Balance, clarity, surrender, etc.? This key word will support you to rise above challenges in a healthier way.

Remember you always have the choice to either react or respond. In reacting, you automatically engage in a behavior pattern without realizing — risky business indeed. In responding, you have the ability to choose how you will express yourself. 

You can learn to recognize and release the stress triggers in your life which directly influence your well-being. May the insights you’ve received inspire you to develop a healthier approach to the elements of your life.

Giuliano Geronymo (click for contact info) is a Stress Management Specialist organically-grown in Miami Beach. Giuliano began his journey quite early at 22, his dedication in his studies lead him to earn several certifications: DHARMI® Method Facilitator, DHARMI-Yoga® Instructor and DHARMI® Vortex of Energy Meditation Facilitator to name a few. Giuliano successfully supports business professionals to relieve stress, sharpen focus and increase productivity.

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