The Philosophical Foundation Of Life Cycles

Life is a constant Evolution 

“In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order.” Carl Jung 

Nature is in constant movement. Every day has twenty- four hours with specific rhythms of the day: morning, afternoon and night. The cycle of seasons allows the earth to replenish and continue to grow through the natural shifts. Even areas that have no clear spring, summer, fall or winter follow the rhythm of constant evolution by experiencing dry seasons and rainy seasons, light cycles, or warm and cold fluctuations. 

Within our own life cycle, we progress through different dimensions of ourselves: the cycle of birth and death, the feminine lunar cycle, the steps in our evolution through childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and the waking and sleeping cycles. Internally, hormonal shifts and chemical changes affect us strongly, as well as our emotional memory and core beliefs that are built through experiences. We are immersed in change around us and within us. Changes are the natural foundation for balance within our lives. There are cycles within the cycles, and all invite us to transcendence! 

These changes can be seen as cycles through the five elements: Water, Earth, Fire, Air and Ether. The Water element represents our emotions that shift regularly in response to the experiences of the day, as well as our own beliefs, actions, and emotional memories. The Earth element represents our physical body that shifts at another rhythm. Our surroundings and perspectives also affect it. Some shifts can happen very quickly, provoked by an injury or accident, while others can appear more slowly, generated by illness, or the natural hormonal and chemical aspects of our growth. The Fire element represents our energetic body that is directly connected with our actions, movements and behaviors. This contains our muscle memory—the rhythm in which we move, express, and interact with our surroundings. The Air element represents our mind that moves freely. It is light and easily changeable. It is affected by our surroundings, as well as our expectations, core beliefs and inspirations. The Ether element represents our magnetic subtle body that is a vibration that allows transcendence and connects all aspects of who we are. This is pure essence, the source of life, qi (chi). 

Many people seek security in their lives, a comfortable space where they can finally rest, where all their needs are met. However, we experience change as a natural consequence of cycles. Perhaps we experience external changes in the circumstances of our lives, such as the loss of a job, or a loved one, a change of career, country, status, or location. These are in contrast to internal changes, which include growing older, a change of voice, the beginning of menstruation, graying hair, the onset of menopause, awakening of consciousness, a shift of perspective, and emotional sensations. Some changes happen once in a lifetime, while others happen daily. 

If we attach to any one way of being, we solidify a static identity (the ego), which we will eventually have to release. Rather, completing a Cycle of Evolution or a rite of passage is the beginning of a new step in our life’s journey. We then enter into another space in which new possibilities are revealed to us. The more cycles of evolution we experience, the more practice we have for the continuous changes we will encounter in our lives. We develop flexibility, which allows more ease and integrity through life’s transitions. Life is permanent chaos, in which we must remember to dance. 

When we resist or force changes, trying to escape the nature of our path, we get stuck in karmic cycles where similar situations keep repeating until we have learned the lesson. When we are aligned with our natural rhythms, we allow ourselves to evolve and ow with grace and integrity. 

Enlightenment is a living force that moves with each step, each breath, and every relationship around us. It is not a stagnant state of being, but a reflection of pure, authentic alignment. We can experience glimpses of enlightenment through meditation, or in those moments of our lives where we feel integrity and oneness. However, we can lose that state if duality and karmic forces drive us. Many of you reading this book may have already experienced some glimpse of enlightenment and are now looking for more. The purpose of this book is to help you experience a state of enlightenment on a regular basis. As your daily experience is elevated, your own dharma evolves, as does the vibration of your environment and community. 

The first step on the path of evolution is to find and examine the repetitive behaviors you want to change, by focusing on physical reactions, emotional responses, mental beliefs and the behavioral patterns that relate to those specific circumstances. The Map guides you through this process. 

The Cycle of Evolution has been very effective for people undergoing chaos and profound life transitions, as well as those who are focused on reaching higher level of consciousness and integrity. Through continuous practice, we remember to stay awake in our daily life, to trust our connection, and to be flexible through the ow of evolution. We clear blockages that hinder us from connecting with pure source. We overcome limiting factors such as fear, stress, and feelings of doubt. 

As we move beyond our reactions, we can discover and connect with our many hidden talents and gifts. We learn to transcend limitations and duality, opening to life’s wonders and to the unknown on our path. We gain clarity in the labyrinth, and we follow our visions with intention, acceptance, and direction. Every manifested dream opens the door to yet another dream. 

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